"AMAZING COFFEE in Shinshu Flower Festival" opening from 4/25 (Thu.)!

This spring, "Shinshu Flower Festival 2019" will be held in Nagano Prefecture for the first time. AMAZING COFFEE will open a booth there and bring you "a supreme happiness" with the coffee in floral pattern coffee cups!!

"Shinshu Flower Festival 2019" is themed on "A happy life surrounded by flowers and greenery stretching from the foothills of the Northern Alps". At the main venue against the backdrop of the snowcapped Northern Alps shining beautifully, there are one million flowers and plants of 700 varieties, which makes it the largest event in Nagano Prefecture, while 380 thousand balls of tulips and lilies bloom successively at the sub-venues.

The AMAZING COFFEE booth set in the main venue is located in Shade Garden spreading through the forest where sunbeam shines through branches of trees, making it a space where you can feel the wilderness.

Please enjoy a happy moment full of smiles with "AMAZING COFFEE floral pattern coffee cup" in your hand in a space with "flowers and greenery" spreading in front of you.

Enjoy a fragrant coffee and share your AMAZING story...

<AMAZING COFFEE Information>
AMAZING COFFEE in Shinshu Flower Festival 2019
◆Opening Days: 4/25/2019 (Thu.) ~ 5/6/2019 (Mon.)
◆Opening Hours: 9:30 ~ 17:00
◆Website: http://www.amazingcoffee.jp
◆Instagram: amazing_coffee_official
◆Twitter: @amazingcoffee__

<Shinshu Flower Festival 2019 Information>
The 36th National Urban Greenery Fair in Shinshu
Shinshu Flower Festival 2019 ~A gift from the Northern Alps~
◆Event Schedule: 4/25/2019 (Thu.) ~ 6/16/2019 (Sun.)
Main Venue: Matsumoto-daira Large Park
Sub-venues: Alps Azumino National Government Park
Nagano Prefecture Karasugawa Valley Green Belt
◆Website: https://shinshu-hanafesta2019.jp/