EXILE CUP 2019 ~ROAD TO EUROPE~ coming soon!

EXILE CUP 2019 ~ROAD TO EUROPE~ will be held soon!!

"EXILE CUP 2019" that welcomes its 10th anniversary this year will be held soon!

Preliminaries will be held at 12 venues in 9 regions. Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokushinetsu, Tokai, Chugoku and Shikoku will provide 1 venue each
while Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu will provide 2 venues each.

The finals gathering winning teams from all regions will be held in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.

We hope more children could take on this "challenge".
Therefore, in the future,
with "Dreams For Children" as its theme,
"EXILE CUP" will keep supporting children who are smiling and having fun
while playing football with all their might.

All teams can make applications from early April. The participation is free of charge.
We are looking forward to the active participation of children from all over the country who love football and go all out in playing it!

6/9 (Sun.) Kyushu Tournament 1 @Kumamoto Prefecture
Venue: Mashiki Athletic Field

6/16 (Sun.) Tohoku Tournament @Fukushima Prefecture
Venue: J-VILLAGE All Weather Training Field

7/6 (Sat.) Kanto Tournament 1 @Tochigi Prefecture
Venue: Tochigi Prefecture Green Stadium Sub Ground / Main Stadium

7/15 (Mon. & Holiday) Kansai Tournament 1 @Kyoto Prefecture
Venue: HACCHOHAMA SEASIDE PARK Multipurpose Lawn Field

7/21 (Sun.) Hokushinetsu Tournament @Nagano Prefecture
Venue: Nagano Olympic Stadium Baseball Field

7/26 (Fri.) Chugoku Tournament @Tottori Prefecture
Venue: Togo Sports Park

7/28 (Sun.) Shikoku Tournament @Tokushima Prefecture
Venue: Tokushima Sports Village Artificial Lawn Ground

8/3 (Sat.) Kyushu Tournament 2 @Okinawa Prefecture
Venue: ANA FIELD Urasoe (Urasoe City Athletic Field)

8/14 (Wed.) Hokkaido Tournament @Sapporo City
Venue: Sapporo Soccer Amusement Park

8/18 (Sun.) Tokai Tournament @Gifu Prefecture
Venue: Nagaragawa Stadium

8/25 (Sun.) Kanto Tournament 2 @Chiba Prefecture
Venue: Fukuda Denshi Field

9/1 (Sun.) Kansai Tournament 2 @Nara Prefecture
Venue: Nara Prefecture Football Center

9/15 (Sun.) Finals @Ehime Prefecture
Venue: Arigatou Service. Yume Stadium

【Participation Fee】
Free of charge

【Eligible Applicants】
4th grader to 6th grader in elementary schools


Japan Football Association

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