【LDH kitchen's second chapter "IZAKAYA" series coming soon】"LDH kitchen IZAKAYA EBISUNISHI" will open on 5/25 (Fri.)

Food is also a kind of entertainment.
We hope our guests can enjoy delicacies in this exciting and charming space...
Apart from Japanese people, many foreign tourists will also come to Japan from now on.
We hope they can get to know the charm of our Japanese culture "IZAKAYA"!
So we decided to launch LDH kitchen's second chapter "IZAKAYA" series.
LDH kitchen will open "IZAKAYA", a symbol of the "food culture" deriving from the Edo period which could be enjoyed by anyone.

The first project "LDH kitchen IZAKAYA EBISUNISHI" will open on 5/25 (Fri.).
"Pot" originated from the ancient earthenware and gradually penetrated into the Japanese culture. It finally thrived for the enjoyment of food.

We highly respect the pot culture nurtured by Japanese people and ensure every pot in our stores was exquisitely made.

In LDH kitchen IZAKAYA EBISUNISHI, you can enjoy 4 pot delicacies by "Iemura" including "chicken pot" by LDH kitchen's first store "NAKAMEGURO KIJIMA"
and "shan pot" of Miyazaki's popular store "Oragamura" with three decades of history.

Enjoy the pot delicacies that can warm your mind and body in a big company.

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