【Angela Maki Vernon】To teach special course at "BioreU presents Premium Ocean YOGA" on 8/24 (Sat.)!

Angela Maki Vernon will teach a special course at "BioreU presents Premium Ocean YOGA" on 8/24 (Sat.)!

"YOGA" course will open at the lawn field, on which you can have a great sea view, of the blissful place "RIVIERA ZUSHI MARINA". It will take about 1 hour for attendees to get there from the downtown.

Come and have fun♪

BioreU presents Premium Ocean YOGA
【Angela Maki Vernon】

8/24 (Sat.) 10:00 ~ 11:00 [60 minutes]
*Admission will start from 09:30.

(If it rains: Ocean view banquet room on 2F)

Angela Maki Vernon

◇Attendee number

◇Ticket price
2,000 yen (BioreU special gift set)

Want to challenge brand new things but cannot take the first step?
This time, Biore will back you to take challenges bravely through skincare and exercise.

If you run or do yoga and proper skincare in daily life, your skin will be able to defeat environmental aggressors. Health and beauty will build a new self for you.

Moreover, Biore will be carried out together with environment-friendly events to reduce environmental stress. It will make contribution to the community by protecting the Earth and the skin.

As a sea lover and parent of children, SHONAN BEACH YOGA agrees with Biore's extraordinary ideas on environment protection which drives it to hold this event. Attending this event is a way to reach the goal of sustainable living.

20 attendees can have the course of about 1 hour on Sunday morning. Let's listen to the course of skincare and environment and have a delightful Sunday morning while enjoying the sea breeze.

◇About application

・Tickets are required for each attendee. Each attendee needs to purchase one ticket for the course.
・No ticket will be issued or sent by post. Please show the payment completion screen at the reception desk on the event day.
・In order to ensure a smooth admission, please make payments in advance. Please note that cancellation for attendees' personal reasons will not be accepted after payments have been made.
・The event will be held at ocean view banquet room on 2F if it rains. If the event is suspended, we will send emails to the email addresses that attendees left or post news on SHONAN BEACH YOGA's official Instagram and Facebook.

◇About things customers need to take
・We will prepare one yoga mat for each attendee. Attendees can bring their own yoga mats.
・Please come in comfortable clothes. We will prepare a changing room for attendees who need to change clothes.
・In consideration of the environment, it is prohibited to bring drinks in plastic bottles.
Please take your own bottles or tumblers.
・Attendees are responsible for their valuable belongings. We are not responsible for any loss of them.

◇Other notice
・We are not responsible for accidents or injuries during the event. Since yoga is a kind of sports, so please do it according to your health condition. If attendees feel unwell during the event, be sure to tell the staff.
・Videos, photos and reports of attendees during the event recorded by the organizer belong to the organizer. The organizer has the right to post them on media. Please contact the staff if attendees have any problems with posting their photos or videos.

Organizer: BEACH YOGA Executive Committee
Sponsor: Biore