"m-flo presents portal20 vol.1" to be held on 8/22 (Thu.)!

A drinking party "portal20 vol.1" presented by m-flo
will be held at TRUNK (HOTEL) in Shibuya on 8/22 (Thu.)!

Apart from selling m-flo's original goods, VERBAL's and ☆Taku's personal clothes and costumes made so far will also be displayed on the event day! With an international background, these original goods are produced with Tokyo-based Creative Community 〈tokyovitamin〉 which focuses on music. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut, T-shirts, long sleeve tops and aurora PVC bags made under the theme "portal20" will be sold in a limited quantity.
What's more, YonYon, LONO3 (NIGHT TRAIN/tokyovitamin), Ryuw (prpr/YENTOWN) and other talented DJs will make "portal20" more exciting through music on the party. Original cocktail of TRUNK (HOTEL) which is inspired by m-flo will be sold and a project to listen to m-flo's new songs will also be carried out!

Be sure to come to the venue and have fun!!

m-flo presents portal20 vol.1

8/22 (Thu.)
◆Goods Sales & Display
15:00 ~ 23:00
19:00 ~ 23:00

LONO3 (NIGHT TRAIN/tokyovitamin)
Ryuw (prpr/YENTOWN)

(5-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

【Original Goods】

Please obey the following rules in order to have fun in the drinking party.
*There are also general guests who will stay overnight at the venue. To avoid bringing inconvenience to those guests and other nearby people, waiting before the venue opens is strongly prohibited. Our staff will refuse you to enter the venue if you are found engaging in such acts.
*Please do not queue up on your own initiative. Such queues are deemed to be invalid.
*Please follow our staff's instructions at the venue.
*Please refrain from taking photos with the m-flo members, asking for signatures or shaking hand with the members.
*You are welcomed to take photos of goods and stage performances!

【Notice on goods sales】
*Photos of goods are for reference only. The designs are subject to change.
*Purchased goods cannot be returned or changed except for defective ones. Moreover, we only accept the change of defective goods at the venue on the event day, so please be sure to check the products after you purchase them at once.
*Please be sure to check your products and details of your transaction on the spot. You cannot ask for a refund or change your products after you leave the venue (even for defective ones).
*The sales period is subject to change depending on circumstances on the event day.
*Our online shop will open from 12:00 on 8/23 (Fri.). Some goods will also be sold on the online shop.
*Due to the arrival of goods and stock status, goods to be sold on the online shop have not been finalized yet.