【Megumi Kurihara】Severing as a special supporter of VIRTUAL HARUKO VOLLEYBALL

Megumi Kurihara will serve as a special supporter of VIRTUAL HARUKO VOLLEYBALL!

"VIRTUAL HARUKO VOLLEYBALL" is a general information service launched last year in the sports media "SPORTS BULL" and focusing on All Japan High School Volleyball Championship.
It provides free broadcasts of all the 106 matches deciding the representative teams of each prefecture and all the 102 matches of national competitions.

Apart from special contents showing Megumi Kurihara's visits to prefectural competitions and schools that have excellent volleyball teams, she will also daily get in the national competitions and try to make them more exciting.

【Megumi Kurihara's comment】
I have always wanted to do something to repay volleyball since I became a professional volleyball player. Although I retired in June this year, my volleyball life started from Haruko Volleyball. Therefore, I feel very happy that I can come back again as "VIRTUAL HARUKO VOLLEYBALL Special Supporter". I will show the charm of Haruko Volleyball and high school students' enthusiasm to more people!

■Free Broadcast
・Matches deciding the representative teams of each prefecture
All the 106 matches were aired. (10/22 (Tue.) ~ 11/24 (Sun.))
Whole match & its highlights
*All the matches except for those in some areas were broadcast live.

Live Broadcast (12/1 (Sun.))

・National Competitions
102 matches will be aired. (1/5 (Sun.) ~ 1/12 (Sun.))
Whole match & its highlights
*96 matches from the first match to the quarterfinals (1/5 (Sun.) ~ 1/7 (Tue.)) will be broadcast live.

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