【Norihisa Hiranuma as a director & Kei Watanabe as a scriptwriter】Movie "KISS HIM, NOT ME!" to be released nationwide on 7/10 (Fri.)!!

★Norihisa Hiranuma as a director & Kei Watanabe as a scriptwriter★
will be released nationwide on 7/10 (Fri.)!!

Popular manga "Kiss Him, Not Me" (by JUNKO) whose heroine is a typical otaku fond of "Boys' Love" gets its movie adaptation!!
The original manga serialized in "Bessatsu Friend" (Kodansha) scored an award in the Shoujo Category of The 40th Kodansha Manga Award. This popular manga with 3 million copies being sold got was adapted into a TV anime in 2016.

【Norihisa Hiranuma's Comment】
When I first received the invitation from SHOCHIKU, I replied "Are you really okay with me?". I have been working on the stories about fights of handsome guys (HiGH & LOW). This time, it is a sparkling multiprotagonist story without fighting scenes gathering handsome boys. Am I capable of it?
Then I was informed that they sent me the invitation after they saw "DTC -Yukemuri Junjou Hen- from HiGH & LOW"! I was told "Carry it to the point of absurdity!" and "Let's go to top together!"! So enthusiastic, right? Though I am not sure what kind of top it is! (lol)
And I do not remember doing something absurd. (lol) But here is something I want to say at first.
"Mr. HIRO! I made it!! Kenjiro, Taiki and Kanta, thank you---!"
DTC started from short stories on the radio, and after some time and many works it got its own movie. It was created thanks to everyone's efforts.
It seems to be messed up, but we are serious!
Yes, we are really serious.
This time, we also did it absurdly and seriously!
In addition to cast members and staff whom I worked with before there were also some new encounters. We had fun at the shooting site.
We were very busy and every day was like a battle, but I was moved when I saw
Hokuto's dignified figure as a leader.
Fuju was reliable. Nonoka and Miu were adorable. Ito and Okuno were earnestly ridiculous. Until the end of the shooting, all the cast members and staff were going along with my absurdity.
I do not know what kind of top it is... But I work hard to reach it.
I think it will be an entertaining work.
Please look forward to it!

Asuma Mutsumi…Hokuto Yoshino (THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE)
Yusuke Igarashi…Fuju Kamio
Nozomu Nanashima…Asahi Ito
Hayato Shinomiya…So Okuno
Kae Serinuma (double-cast role)…Nonoka Yamaguchi (E-girls) & Miu Tomita

Kae Serinuma (Miu Tomita) is an overweight fujoshi (BL fan) fond of anime and BL (Boys' Love)!! After the death of her favorite anime character Kae loses appetite and sinks into agony. A week later when she looks into the mirror... She finds herself turned into a slender beauty (Nonoka Yamaguchi)!
Then, slender Kae receives love confessions from 4 striking high school boys-- Asuma Mutsumi (Hokuto Yoshino), Yusuke Igarashi (Fuju Kamio), Nozomu Nanashima (Asahi Ito) and Hayato Shinomiya (So Okuno).
Courted by these 4 boys, Kae treats them from fujoshi's perspective. Though she tries hard to banish delusions and use a normal value of love to get along with them, it does not help at all. Plus, her ideas become more and more ridiculous...
Kae worries "I love BL, but I am too popular. What should I do!?". At the same time, her everyday life goes on like an unpredictable otome game. Her mission is to choose one from the four... What is the unexpected answer Kae gives after the struggles?!

【Director & Scriptwriter】
Norihisa Hiranuma

Nami Kikkawa
Shohei Fukuda
Kei Watanabe
Daisuke Kamijo

JUNKO "Kiss Him, Not Me"(published by Kodansha / Bessatsu Friend)


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