【Shogo Kashida as scriptwriter & director】"Iga no Hanayome Sono Yon 'Single Bed' Hen" by theatrical company Hounangumi to be staged from 1/22 (Wed.) to 1/29 (Wed.)

Shogo Kashida serves as the scriptwriter & director of "Iga no Hanayome Sono Yon 'Single Bed' Hen" by theatrical company Hounangumi
which will be staged at Haiyuza Theater from 1/22 (Wed.).

Those men who aroused a heated discussion will come back in January 2020, the first January in the Reiwa era!! They will present an upgraded version of the story!
It is a collection of stories brought by many artists with different personalities.

【Scriptwriter & Director】
Shogo Kashida

【Planning, Production & Organizer】

【Cast Members】
Shingo Machida, Naoto Seshimo (THE CONVOY), Atsushi Mizutani, Dai Isono (Allen suwaru), Akira Okamori (Tobiraza), Hayate Kajihara, Juri, Ken Shonozaki, Tomohiro Takeda, Hirokazu Tategata (THE CONVOY), Shohei Tateno, Kazumi Doi, Minu, YOOJUN (TRITOPS*), Lui Yokoo (in the Japanese syllabary / honorific titles omitted)

Haiyuza Theater

【Performance Schedule】
1/22 (Wed.) ~ 1/29 (Wed.)

1/22 (Wed.) 19:00
1/23 (Thu.) 14:00 / 19:00
1/24 (Fri.) 19:00
1/25 (Sat.) 13:00 / 18:00
1/26 (Sun.) 13:00
1/27 (Mon.) 19:00
1/28 (Tue.) 19:00
1/29 (Wed.) 14:00

*Doors will open 30 minutes before the curtain time.
*Pre-school children are not admitted.

【Ticket Price】
7,000 yen (All seats reserved / tax included)

It is a story about marriage hunting of a descendant of Iga ninja living in modern society. It has been 4 years for him to search for his marriage partner with the thought of "I must carry on the family line". Working at "Duka" which is a pub with sex workers, Sanshiro is still a frequent visitor of Akihabara as a maniac fan of underground idols. Where on earth is Sanshiro's marriage partner...? He finds his marriage partner at last!? However, the cast members are all males. All males!! How will the story develop?! What will happen to Sanshiro?! Where does "Iga's Marriage Partner" go?

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