【Shogo Kashida as translator and director】Romantic love comedy "GOODBYE CHARLIE"

Shogo Kashida serves as the translator and director for the romantic love comedy "GOODBYE CHARLIE"
to be put on stage from 3/13 (Fri.) at Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater!

George Axelrod's masterpiece "Goodbye Charlie"
was adapted into a movie as "switch" in 1964!!
Shogo Kashida will remake this romantic comedy created by Broadway!!
Here comes a new "GOODBYE CHARLIE".

George Axelrod

【Translator & Director】
Shogo Kashida

Lead Role: Kaname Ouki
Maria Kano
Kyohei Chida

Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater
(8-8-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

【Performance Schedule】
3/13 (Fri.) ~ 3/22 (Sun.)

3/13 (Fri.) ◆19:00
3/14 (Sat.) ◆12:30 / 17:00
3/15 (Sun.) 12:30
3/16 (Mon.) No Performance
3/17 (Tue.) ◇14:00 /19:00
3/18 (Wed.) 14:00
3/19 (Thu.) ◇14:00
3/20 (Fri.) 12:30 / ◇17:00
3/21 (Sat.) 12:30 / 17:00
3/22 (Sun.) 12:30

◇Talk show after the show
*Appearing artists may be changed due to unavoidable circumstances.
*Tickets cannot be changed or refunded unless the performance is canceled.

◆Photo Session
*A photo session will be held after the show. Viewers of the designated shows can participate.
Photos can only be taken with smartphones.
*Taking photos during the performance is strictly prohibited.

*Opening time: The lobby will open 45 minutes before each performance starts. Viewers can enter the auditorium 30 minutes before each performance starts.

【Ticket Price】
S seat: 9,500 yen
A seat: 7,000 yen
U-20 Ticket: 6,000 yen
*"U-20 Ticket" is only for people under 20 years old. (With voucher for exchange / age confirmation)

【General Ticket Release】
2/15 (Sat.) 10:00~

The story happens on a luxury liner! A celebration party with the best stage created by "Charlie", a playboy who captivates many women, is ongoing on the liner. While his friend "George" and other friends are enjoying this wonderful party, they hear the sound of gunfire and find that a man falls overboard and sinks into the sea. That man is... Charlie. At the time when George is grieving over the death of his best friend, he meets a woman. However, it seems to be God's divine retribution for Charlie to let him come back as a woman since Charlie has made so many women cry over him... What does the God want to convey? It is a love story that can make you laugh and cry.

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