【Shogo Kashida as scriptwriter & director】Reading drama "Aozora" by the theatrical company Hounangumi to be shown from 1/31 (Fri.) to 2/2 (Sun.)

Shogo Kashida serves as the scriptwriter & director of the reading drama "Aozora" by the theatrical company Hounangumi
which will be shown from 1/31 (Fri.) to 2/2 (Sun.) at Haiyuza Theater.

This is a heartwarming and gentle time between a boy and animals.
This is a youth story of a Japanese boy, Mugi and Kotaro.

【Scriptwriter & Director】
Shogo Kashida

【Performance Schedule】
1/31 (Fri.) ~ 2/2 (Sun.)
*Doors will open 30 minutes before the curtain time.

■1/31 (Fri.)
19:00 Saburo Ishikura, Kie Kitano, Yoshimasa Kondo, Saki Nakajima

■2/1 (Sat.)
13:00 Kaname Ouki, Hasen Kuniyama (TBS announcer), Seiya Konishi, Miki Sakai

■2/1 (Sat.)
18:00 Ikue Sakakibara, Keito Sakurai, Ryota Nakanishi, Takehiro Murata

■2/2 (Sun.)
13:00 Naoto Seshimo (THE CONVOY), Hirokazu Tategata (THECONVOY), Shingo Machida, Atsushi Mizutani

(in the order of Japanese syllabary / honorific titles omitted)
*4 people in one group to read the story

Haiyuza Theater

6,500 yen (tax included / all seats reserved)
*Preschool children are not admitted.

The boy's playmates are a Shiba Inu and a stray cat. At the time of the Pacific War, an order to "hand in home-bred dogs and cats" is given by the country due to the lack of supplies. Though the boy is patriotic... he still wants to save the lives of his dog and cat.

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