【Megumi Kurihara】Her first photo shoot as a model for students from Nippon Photography Institute!

Megumi Kurihara served as a model for the photo shoot which was a part of "Nippon Photography Institute" seminar held in Shibuya of Tokyo in December last year.

Students who did the shooting are a female student and a male student who will graduate this March.

This is her first shooting as a model besides the shootings for catalogs of sports brand DESCENTE, which is the sponsor of the volleyball team she had a contract with.
The shooting, which was a part of the lesson and in which Megumi Kurihara strongly requested to serve as a model for free, became a unique "model work presented in collaboration with students".

Students took charge of everything including the concept, Megumi Kurihara's makeup, the lighting and the shooting itself and seriously looked through the viewfinder till the end...
The studio was suffused with tension during the 4-hour shooting.

Photos are being uploaded to the special Instagram account every day from 1/1 (Wed.).

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【Megumi Kurihara's Comment】
This project shows a different Megumi Kurihara from that as a volleyball player. I also took it as a challenge and looked forward to the shooting day. The makeup and the concept are pretty novel. The students came up with many creative ideas before making the decision. I can still remember the tension and the elation when the joint shooting finished.
Thanks to everyone's help, I could participate in this project and present such a marvelous work. I am beyond words of gratitude.
I feel sorry for graduates and their family members who have been looking forward to the graduation ceremony which should become their turning point in life. I hope graduates can welcome their graduation in good health condition. Hopes and anxiety are waiting for you in the new world. I pray that all of you will have a bright and beautiful future.
Congratulations again on your graduation.

【Comment from Hiroki Wada (lecturer)】
Two students from fashion portrait seminar shot for this project.
For students it is usually better to gain experience through real shooting rather than being taught in words. With the thought "Ain't I a professional photographer?", the students formed an image, put their ideas into practice by explaining the poses to Ms. Kurihara and finally presented marvelous works.
What's more, during the shooting Ms. Kurihara was more like a model or musical actress rather than an athlete because she posed so naturally. Not to mention her unique physical beauty as an athlete, she is also very charming as an artist.
We hope that we can show more Ms. Kurihara's beautiful figure in the future.

【Comment from the male student (anonymous)】
Ms. Kurihara is a celebrity but she is not willing to show her face in photos. I felt a bit pity for that but at the same time, I think it was an interesting project.
I was also in charge of makeup. But in order to highlight Ms. Kurihara's beautiful body and facial line, I thought hard on makeup and lighting. I enjoyed it all through.
During makeup and shooting Ms. Kurihara was "willing to try everything!". Since she worked in a fierce sports field, I thought she was a tough person. But to my surprise, she was very gentle.
I want to work in advertisement, and this time I was able to experience a part of such work.I would like to take photos of people at work this way in the future.

【Comment from a female student (anonymous)】
Ms. Kurihara is such a famous person, but she asked not to take face photos. So... I was worried about "How should I take these photos?". At last, I mainly chose abstract images such as light and shadow as the background and took photos which also capture her shadow.
When I actually met Ms. Kurihara, I found she was very tall. Although I felt a little bit nervous and even did not know "what to do...", I was really looking forward to this new encounter.
Ms. Kurihara showed various expressions during the photo shoot, and I am so glad to see that she also enjoyed the shooting.
It was really a good opportunity for me to learn various things. The experience will be useful in the work related to fashion and in presenting myself. I am very grateful that I could have such a valuable opportunity and experience.
Thank you very much.