【Megumi Kurihara】Appearance on the special 3-hour episode of TV Asahi "Kaji Yarou!!!", on air from 19:00 on 3/24 (Tue.)!

Megumi Kurihara will appear on the special 3-hour episode of TV Asahi "Kaji Yarou!!!"
which will be aired from 19:00 to 21:48 on 3/24 (Tue.)!

"Kaji Yarou!!!" is a documentary variety show where "chore beginners" Bakarhythm, Yuichi Nakamaru and Kazlaser learn to do housework from the very basics to the skills you can use right away in terms of "narrowness", "depth" and "slowness".

Megumi Kurihara will appear in the famous project of watching varied guests do housework!
She will show her home for the first time. You can also see specialties cooked by Megumi Kurihara, who is also a qualified athlete diet consultant!

Be sure to tune in!

【"Kaji Yarou!!!" special 3-hour episode】
◇Broadcast Schedule
3/24 (Tue.) 19:00 ~ 21:48

◇TV Station
TV Asahi

Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN)
Kazlaser (Maple Chogokin)

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