【Megumi Kurihara】Her talk published in "Hirai Rio no Sports Tairiku Tankenki" on website of "JTB Sports"!

Focusing on topics about sports, Rio Hirai (former Fuji TV announcer) will have interviews with related people and athletes in "Hirai Rio no Sports Tairiku Tankenki" on the website of "JTB Sports". You can enjoy her unique language style and photos in this corner.

Megumi Kurihara will appear in this corner full of love for sports!

In the year of 2006 when Rio Hirai started to report on volleyball, Megumi Kurihara played an active role as an ace in the Japan women's national volleyball team.

They will look back on the past and talk about Megumi Kurihara's activities since her retirement and ideas of making contributions to the world of sports!

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