【Megumi Kurihara】Appearance on TBS's "Tokyo VICTORY", on air from 07:00 on 4/4 (Sat.)

Megumi Kurihara will appear on TBS's "Tokyo VICTORY"
which will be aired from 07:00 on 4/4 (Sat.)!

This episode will focus on "water polo".
It is a popular game regarded as "king of sports" in its birthplace Europe!

Player Shimizu, Tanamura and Inaba from the Japan national water polo team will deliver the charm of water polo!
Inaba is a talented player in water polo who received world's attention for being the top scorer in the world league for 2 consecutive years.

Announcer Shinichiro Azumi will experience water polo for the first time!
Announcer Azumi who goes into a pool again after 15 years will challenge players from the national team! Don't miss out on "Powerful shoot!" and "Long-lasting energy"!!

Be sure to tune in!!

◇Broadcast Schedule
April 4 (Sat.) 07:00 ~ 07:30

◇Athlete Guest
Water polo
・Yusuke Shimizu (Leader of the Japan national team in the Rio Olympic Games)
・Katsuyuki Tanamura (Player of the Japan national team in the Rio Olympic Games)
・Yusuke Inaba (Top scorer of the world league in 2018 & 2019)

◇Legendary Guest
・Megumi Kurihara

Shinichiro Azumi (TBS announcer)
Junna Yamagata (TBS announcer)

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