【Shogo Kashida】YouTube "Hounangumi Channel" opened

Scriptwriter Shogo Kashida opened "Hounangumi Channel" on YouTube!

The first work available now is a read aloud picture book "Kibou no Bamboo".

Be sure to check it out!!

■YouTube "Hounangumi Channel"

■【Picture Book】Kibou no Bamboo

【Shogo Kashida's Comment】
It is an affectionate story about chimpanzee Bamboo's life in a zoo.

The book is written in Hiragana to make it easier to read it aloud or read it alone.
Family members. Friends. Friendship. Valuable life. This 【picture book】 was created with the hope that children would gain something after reading.

It was sold at theatres as an extracurricular reading material of theatrical company Hounangumi's stage play "Kataomoi" shown in 2017.
Originally sold as an adult-oriented picture book, this book was recreated for parents who continue to stay at home as well as teachers in kindergartens and nurseries.

Adapted from a real story happened at Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya during a war, "Kataomoi" tells a story of breeders who take care of animals as their own children and family members.
This picture book was created based on "Kataomoi".
Be sure to read it yourself and read it to someone.
As a writer, I hope Japan can be revived through reading.