【Naohisa Ogawa & Yukio Ogawa】Corner "PIPELINE ATTACKER" of bayfm's program "OCEAN TRIBE" on air!

Professional surfer Naohisa Ogawa makes a regular appearance
in corner "PIPELINE ATTACKER" of bayfm's program "OCEAN TRIBE"
which is aired from around 05:40 every Saturday morning!

The program will invite professional surfer and Naohisa Ogawa's brother Yukio Ogawa as the guest of July.
In the episodes to be aired over 4 weeks from 7/4 (Sat.), Naohisa Ogawa & Yukio Ogawa will have a harmonious talk that only brothers can have!

Naohisa Ogawa is Japan's leading top professional surfer who got the perfect 10 points on PIPELINE at the World Tournament and became one of the grand champions in history. His brother Yukio Ogawa is also a top professional surfer.

On the program professional surfer Naohisa Ogawa will answer questions about surfing sent by listeners.

Surfing trip, surfing board, surfing skills...
Both experienced surfers and those who got interested in surfing just recently can listen to this program!

Be sure to tune in!


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