<Cast members & performance schedule unveiled!>【Shogo Kashida as scriptwriter & director / Featuring Tarou Oumiya】 Hounangumi project "Heiwa to Sensou / 3 Reading Dramas +α" in August

Hounangumi project "Heiwa to Sensou / 3 Reading Dramas +α"
to run in August
is written and directed by Shogo Kashida and features Tarou Oumiya!

All cast members & performance schedule have been unveiled!!

We have something to tell you this summer.
Hounangumi's summer trilogy + α
will be presented to you this summer.

There is a past that we want people to know...
Everyone tried to survive during wars...
There was a hope in the blue sky...
And... there were a5lso a comforting time and smiles.
Please feel the preciousness of life, the warmth of families as well as youth and hope of that era from each story.
We hope these works can make you feel warm in this hard period.
Moreover... We pray for a peaceful world.

【Performance Schedule】
8/20 (Thu.) ~ 8/28 (Fri.)


【Scriptwriter & Director】 Shogo Kashida

◆8/20 (Thu.) 18:30
"Aozora": Ogata Issey, Arisa Komiya, Shiho Takano, Ryota Nakanishi

◆8/21 (Fri.) 18:30
"Kibou no Bamboo": Akira Okamori, Kayano, Naoya Kitagawa, Sho Jinnai

◆8/22 (Sat.) 18:00
"Aozora": Naoko Iijima, Hiroaki Hirata, Maimi Yajima, Ikkei Watanabe

◆8/23 (Sun.) 18:00
"Aozora": Hasen Kuniyama, Tomoko Tabata, Shingo Machida, Takehiro Murata

◆8/24 (Mon.) 18:30
"Aozora": Mizuki Umetsu, Tarou Oumiya, Toma Ozuki, Ryosuke Kato

◆8/25 (Tue.) 18:30
"Aozora": Yuichi Ito, Jun Shibuki, Sho Higano, Morooka Moro

◆8/26 (Wed.) 18:30
"Aozora": Dai Isono, Midori Oka, Satoru Kawaguchi, Shun Nishime

◆8/27 (Thu.) 18:30
"Mayuge Ichizoku no Inbou": Shinji Asakura, Masaki Ota、Yusuke Seto、
Hideaki Kabumoto, Manabu Kurita, Takuya Nagaoka

◆8/28 (Fri.) 18:30
"Attack No.1": Dai Isono, Mizuki Umetsu, Masaki Ota,
Tarou Oumiya, Akira Okamori, Shori Kondo,
Keito Sakurai, Ken Shonozaki, Kensuke Suzuki,
Tatsuhiro Nishinosono, Takehiro Murata

(In the order of Japanese syllabary / Honorific titles omitted)

【Ticket Price】
All seats reserved: 8,000 yen (tax included)
*Preschool children are not admitted.

*For viewers only! Hounangumi's special "towel"

■Reading drama "Aozora"…It is a youth story about friendship between animals and a young man survived a war. The patriotic young man never gives up saving their lives even disobeying the order of "handing in home-bred dogs and cats" given by the country. Shown in 2018, it is a work for all animal lovers.

■Reading drama "Kibou no Bamboo"…Adapted from a real story happened at Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya during a war, it tells a story of the adorable chimpanzee Bamboo and breeders who take care of animals as their own children and family members at the risk of their lives.

■Reading drama "Attack No.1"…In 1941, the crew of the submarine I-18 sets off on a secret mission with their destination unknown. These men fought while realizing the meaning of war and the value of life. There was a smiling youth. The legendary play "Attack No.1" will move you no matter how many times you watch it. This time it will be read aloud by 11 cast members.

■Reading drama "Mayuge Ichizoku no Inbou"…What is the conspiracy of the mysterious and lovable "eyebrow clan" mentioned in "Attack No.1"...? What is its identity? It is a story of family love.

【Planning, Production & Organization】

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