Notice about LDH's artist infected with COVID-19

Thank you very much for your constant support to LDH and LDH's artists and talents.

It was discovered on August 2 that LDH's artist SWAY (DOBERMAN INFINITY / GEKIDAN EXILE) got infected with COVID-19.

Taking into consideration the opinion of experts from "LDH expert group on the novel coronavirus infection control", we have been taking the temperature of everyone belonging to LDH and reporting their physical condition every day as the countermeasures against the new type of coronavirus infection.

His temperature was higher than usual on the morning of July 30 then he got tested and stopped his activities the next day, July 31. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 on August 2.

Currently, his body temperature is normal, and he is in good physical condition. He also carefully follows the instructions of the public health center and experts for recovery.

We will continue doing our best to ensure safety of LDH artists, staff members and related people under the guidance of the expert group and government institutions. We will also continue implementing the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the new type of coronavirus infection.

What's more, SWAY will be absent from the live stream of "GEKIDAN EXILE" on August 4 and the live stream of "DOBERMAN INFINITY" on August 7 on LDH's streaming service "CL".

We deeply apologize for all the worries and inconvenience caused to fans who always support him and all related people.

Please continue to support him in the future.

August 2, 2020 (Sun.)