LDH kitchen corporate site renewal & LDH kitchen Official Online Store opens!!

LDH kitchen Official Online Store GRAND OPEN!!

LDH kitchen dedicates to producing entertainment to pursue "eating" and "beauty" as well as creating an entertaining space for customers to enjoy.
Under the concept of Love, Dream & Happiness, it gathers people who hold dreams in the world of food and vitalize the world of craftsmen.
It is vital to pass the modern technology to the next generation for protecting Japanese food culture.
People will connect with each other through eating and carry out activities with LDH kitchen as the platform.
The products which were only available at stores can be easily purchased at the online store now.
LDH kitchen's exclusive product projects will be launched on the official online store!
What's more! Created with all of you, pages featuring ideas collected from social media and blog are now officially accessible.
The site that can only be browsed is now renewed to a new site created with all of you where everyone can join us to promote LDH kitchen.

Just look forward to our new products in the future!

To mark the opening of LDH Kitchen Official Online Store,
◇be my self "BATH SALT & LIP BALM N" Limited Set
◇INOUE CHIMPANZEE "Inoue Tettsu Shoulder Pouch & Aiai Hashi" Limited Set
will be sold at a special price in a limited quantity!

Be sure to make a purchase at LDH kitchen Official Online Store!

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