【On air from 11/20 (Fri.)!】 New spin-off drama "6 from HiGH&LOW THE WORST" to be aired on NTV

The new spin-off drama "6 from HiGH&LOW THE WORST"
will be aired on NTV from 00:59 on 11/20 (Fri.)!

The spin-off drama "6 from HiGH&LOW THE WORST" will consist of 6 episodes. It will present the follow-up story of 6 childhood friends from Kibougaoka Danchi who appeared in "HiGH & LOW THE WORST"!

Following "HiGH & LOW THE WORST", Norihisa Hiranuma, Shoichiro Masumoto and Kei Watanabe will continue to serve as the scriptwriters,
and Kazuma Kawamura (THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE), Yuta Nakatsuka and Hayato Komori (GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE) will also play in this work.

"No matter what happens, we will always be brothers and a family."
The 6 childhood friends from the movie "HiGH & LOW THE WORST", who were very popular among fans, will come back!
Be sure to enjoy the story which delicately depicts the tangles of 6 "curly cucumbers" who still keep their childhood promise!

■Broadcast Info
11/20 (Fri.) 00:59 ~ 01:29
6 episodes in total 〈First episode 11/20 (Fri.) ~ Final episode 12/25 (Fri.)〉
On air on NTV and its affiliated TV stations!
*Broadcast schedule is subject to change. Please check out program timetable of each TV station.

Project Producer: EXILE HIRO
Directors: Shigeaki Kubo, Norihisa Hiranuma, Daisuke Kamijo

Cast: Kazuma Kawamura, Jin Shirasu, Yuta Nakatsuka, Hayato Komori, Miu Tomita, Masato Yano

Producer: Hiroyuki Ueno
Scriptwriter: Hiroshi Takahashi / Norihisa Hiranuma, Shoichiro Masumoto, Kei Watanabe, Daisuke Kamijo
Project Planning: HI-AX
Production: Salvage

Moreover, "HiGH & LOW THE WORST" will be available nationwide on Hulu and Netflix from 9/20 (Sun.).
At the same time, a total of 7 works of the series will become available on Netflix in 62 countries and regions!

With the largest scale of action scenes in Japanese movie's history and the story about men's friendship that moved people all over Japan, the series which attracted 5.2 million viewers nationwide and earned a record-breaking gross of over 7.7 billion yen will finally have its world premiere!

【Comment from EXILE HIRO (project producer)】
The "HiGH & LOW" project initiated in 2015 has presented songs, movies, dramas, music videos, dome tours, games and manga so far...
It was created as a new entertainment with an unprecedented idea of combining music and videos.
Last year, we did a collaboration with Hiroshi Takahashi, the author of my favorite works "CROWS" and "WORST". "HiGH & LOW THE WORST", which was born from the worldviews of WORST and HiGH & LOW, was released letting us take up a new challenge.
In 2020, with Hiroshi Takahashi in the lead, we will present the long-awaited new spin-off drama that depicts the follow-up story of "HiGH &LOW THE WORST".
Hope that you can look forward to the new world of "HiGH & LOW THE WORST" and the friendship and bonds between friends shown in this work.
In addition, HiGH & LOW series will be available on Netflix not only in Japan but also worldwide so that people across the globe will have the chance to see LDH's entertainment. It makes me really excited.
We will continue to pursue reality and fantasy, and HiGH & LOW series will also continue to develop in various ways. Please look forward to it!

◆Domestic Release
Platforms: Hulu / Netflix
First broadcast: 9/20 (Sun.)

■Global Release
Platform: Netflix
First broadcast:9/20 (Sun.)
Countries: 62 countries and regions