【Shogo Kashida as scriptwriter & director】 Reading drama "The Private Detective Mike Hama" -THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE- to be shown!

Shogo Kashida as scriptwriter & director!!
Reading drama "The Private Detective Mike Hama" -THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE-

It will be shown at HULIC HALL TOKYO from 2/17/2021 (Wed.) to 2/23/2021 (Tue. & Holiday)!

The Private Detective Mike will be shown as a reading drama!
With film director Kaizo Hayashi writing the original story and Masatoshi Nagase as its leading actor, popular hardcore detective series movie "The Private Detective Mike Hama" was screened 28 years ago.
Its first story "THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE" will be shown as a reading drama!
The masterpiece in the Showa era will be changed to a new form and shown as a reading drama by distinctive new cast members.
Besides charm of freshness, universal "friendship", "sense of righteousness" and "thoughts to someone" will be conveyed in this work!

Be sure to check it out!

【Shogo Kashida's Comment】
Striking scale, well-considered details and realism of Koganecho,
this is movie "The Private Detective Mike Hama" by Director Kaizo Hayashi. I still remember the elation and nervousness when they told me it would be shown as a reading drama.
"Reading" is a stage performance type that challenges the expressiveness of readers and directors. Cast members and staff are all full of fighting spirits. We will present a splendid reading drama "The Private Detective Mike Hama".


2/17 (Wed.) 19:00 Start ●
2/18 (Thu.) 14:00 Start〇 / 19:00 Start●
2/19 (Fri.) 14:00 Start〇 / 19:00 Start○
2/20 (Sat.) 13:00 Start ● / 17:00 Start ●
2/21 (Sun.) 13:00 Start 〇 / 17:00 Start ●
2/22 (Mon.) 14:00 Start ● / 19:00 Start ●
2/23 (Tue. & Holiday) 12:00 Start〇 / 16:00 Start〇

Same role: ●=Masaki Yabe [DISH//] 〇=Reo Shimura[SUPER★DRAGON]
*Doors will open 60 minutes before each performance.
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.


【Ticket Price】
All seats reserved: 8,500 yen (tax included) / All seats reserved with not-for-sale goods: 9,900 yen (tax included)
*Requests about refunds, compensation and seat change will not be answered after purchase.
*All-seats-reserved tickets with not-for-sale goods will be sold in advance.
*Not-for-sale goods can be exchanged at the venue on the performance day. Viewers cannot exchange them afterwards.

Ryuji Sato

Masaki Yabe [DISH//] (same role) 
Reo Shimura [SUPER★DRAGON] (same role)
Nao Ota
Shintaro Akiyama

Keisuke Ueda

Kaizo Hayashi (The Private Detective Mike Hama "THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE")

【Scriptwriter & Director】
Shogo Kashida (Hounangumi)

"My name is Mike Hama. Come to me whenever you are in trouble."
Koganecho is known as the darkest street in Yokohama in the 1990s. Mike Hama (played by Ryuji Sato) who makes a living as a detective on this street receives a variety of requests. One day, he is asked by Taiwanese Haiping Yang (played by Keisuke Ueda), whom he happened to know, to find Yang's missing elder brother in Japan.
Looking for people is what Mike Hama excels at. While looking for the foreigner based on the information from his friend Hoshino (played by Masaki Yabe / Reo Shimura), Mike Hama surprisingly finds that he is secretly followed by foreign mafias, Japanese gangs and criminal policeman Nakayama (played by Shintaro Akiyama) who is entangled with him. The situation is incredibly dangerous. Though younger sister Akane (played by Nao Ota) begs him to "get rid of dangerous work", he listens to nobody.
Why? Because he is Mike Hama.

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