【Character posters unveiled!!】 <Featuring Toshio Matsumoto, Hayato Onozuka and Nonoka Yamaguchi> South Korean musical "INTERVIEW ~Onegai, Dare ka Boku wo Tasukete~" to be shown from 3/24 (Wed.) to 4/4 (Sun.)!

Featuring Toshio Matsumoto, Hayato Onozuka and Nonoka Yamaguchi!
To be shown at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX
from 3/24/2021 (Wed.) to 4/4/2021 (Sun.)!!

With tickets sold out in many places once sales started,
South Korean musical "INTERVIEW ~Onegai, Dare ka Boku wo Tasukete~" has been widely discussed since the first show in 2016.
Now the musical will be presented by Japanese cast members for the first time!

"INTERVIEW" is a South Korean psychological mystery musical
about things happened 10 years later after a boy committed murder for survival and love.

The musical was first staged in Japan at Kyoto Gekijo in September 2016 and was put on stage many times thereafter.
In addition, American cast members showed it at an off-Broadway in New York. The musical is favored in not only South Korea but also Japan and New York.

It is a creative and unusual story accompanied by 20 euphonious songs.
The unexpected plots give rise to a thrilling work. Be sure to enjoy it at theatres.

Toshio Matsumoto and Haruki Kiyama play best-selling author Yoojin Kim.
Yojiro Itokawa and Hayato Onozuka play mystery book writer aspirant Sinclair who holds a secret.
Anju Inami and Nonoka Yamaguchi play 18-year-old girl Joan who dies in a mysterious accident.

A young boy committed murder after betrayed by his beloved one.
To punish himself, he decided to die by his own hand but unknowingly changed his memories, got rid of death and survived.
10 years later.
The young killer grows into a young man and gets his memories back. His guilty consciousness leads him to a serial killer.
In 2001, a knock against the door of a small company in London...
Young man Sinclair (played by Yojiro Itokawa and Hayato Onozuka) who aspires to become a writer comes to the office of Yoojin Kim (played by Toshio Matsumoto and Haruki Kiyama), the author of best-seller mystery novel "Doll's Death".
Yoojin Kim shows Sinclair the last words of the serial killer who intended to commit suicide and asks Sinclair to create a story based on them.

Two men start their "interviews" to find out the killer of the murder case happened 10 years ago.

Original: Junghwa Choo
Composer: Soohyun Huh

Director & Japanese Lines: Tetsu Taoshita
Translation (Japanese): Yuko Yasuda
Music Director: Makoto Miyazaki
Singing Instructor: Yui Goto

【Lineup (*One role is played by two cast members)】
Team RED
Yoojin Kim: Toshio Matsumoto
Matt Senior: Yojiro Itokawa
Joan Senior: Anju Inami

Yoojin Kim: Haruki Kiyama
Matt Senior: Hayato Onozuka
Joan Senior: Nonoka Yamaguchi

【Character posters】
■Yoojin Kim: Toshio Matsumoto

■Matt Senior: Hayato Onozuka

■Joan Senior: Nonoka Yamaguchi

Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX

【Performance Schedule】
3/24/2021 (Wed.) ~ 4/4/2021 (Sun.)

3/24(Wed.) 18:00★
3/25 (Thu.) 18:00★
3/26 (Fri.) 13:00★ / 18:00★
3/27 (Sat.) 12:00★ / 17:00★
3/28 (Sun.) 12:00★ / 17:00★
3/29 (Mon.) 18:00★
3/30 (Tue.) 13:00★ / 18:00★
3/31 (Wed.) 13:00★ / 18:00★
4/1 (Thu.) 18:00★
4/2 (Fri.) 13:00★ / 18:00★
4/3 (Sat.) 12:00★ / 17:00★
4/4 (Sun.) 12:00★ / 17:00★

*★Team RED / ★Team BLUE

*The two teams will perform in turn.
*The performance is scheduled to last for about 1 hour and 40 minutes (without break).
*The venue will open 45 minutes before the performance starts.

【Ticket Price】
①Reserved seat (with premium goods): 12,800 yen (tax not included)
*Pamphlet + original not-for-sale photos
(3 photos of the cast members from the team of the show you watch)
②Reserved seat: 9,800 yen (tax not included)
Childcare Service: No childcare service

[General Release]
3/13 (Sat.) 12:00

*Tickets are required for customers who are 6 years old and older. Customers under this age cannot enter.
*We will only issue electronic tickets (for smartphones) for this show.
*Installation and pre-registration of the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application "COCOA" are required for "all viewers (including companions)".
└People with terminals on which "COCOA" cannot be installed (feature phone, non-compatible smartphone, etc.) will not be allowed to enter.
└People whose registration cannot be confirmed during admission will not be admitted either.
*Due to the declared state of emergency, the number of tickets to each show will be no more than 50% of the normal capacity of the venue.
If the situation gets better in the future, these guidelines will be revised. In that case, more seats will be up for grabs.
*Please note that we will leave space around each seat as a measure against the spread of COVID-19.
*The arrangement of seats may be changed in accordance with the new measures against COVID-19 that may be implemented in the future.
*The opening time and the starting time are subject to change.
*In order to avoid congestion, we will "guide viewers to leave the venue" after the show ends. It may take more time than usual. Thank you for your understanding.
*Some part of the show may be changed depending on circumstances.
*Please be sure to read the notice on the official homepage of INTERVIEW before coming.

【Advance Ticket Application】
*Electronic tickets only

[EXILE TRIBE FAMILY Advance Ticket Lottery]
■Application Period
2/22 (Mon.) 15:00 ~ 2/25 (Thu.) 23:00
*Each person can apply for up to 2 tickets to each show.

■Eligible Applicants
Members who can log in to the fan club site during the application period

[LDH official mobile Advance Ticket Lottery]
■Application Period
3/3/2021 (Wed.) 15:00 ~ 3/4/2021 (Sun.) 23:00
*Each person can apply for up to 2 tickets per show.

■Eligible Sites
・EXILE ch Premium
・EXILE mobile
・LDH mobile
・LDH Girls mobile


EXILE ch Premium
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[CL Premium PLUS Advance Ticket Lottery]
■Application Period
3/3/2021 (Wed.) 15:00 ~ 3/4/2021 (Sun.) 23:00
*Each person can apply for up to 2 tickets per show.

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[EXILE TRIBE CARD Advance Ticket Lottery]
■Application Period
3/3/2021 (Wed.) 15:00 ~ 3/4/2021 (Sun.) 23:00
*Each person can apply for up to 2 tickets per show.
*EXILE TRIBE CARD holders only
*Those who have applied for EXILE TRIBE CARD, but their credit cards have not been issued yet cannot join the lottery.


【Inquiries on tickets and performances】
Inquiry form
on the homepage of TOKYO ONKYO

【Official Homepage】
*Please visit the homepage for more details.
■Official Twitter

Ⓒ"Musical INTERVIEW" Production Committee