【Anna Ishii】 Appearance in Hulu original drama "Iki wo Hisomete"!!

Hulu original drama "Iki wo Hisomete"
featuring Anna Ishii
will be available exclusively on Hulu from 4/23/2021 (Fri.)!!

Anna Ishii will appear in Hulu original drama "Iki wo Hisomete"!

She will play Nanami Takaoka, the main character of episode 2!

Hulu original drama "Iki wo Hisomete" consists of 8 episodes telling short stories
which take place in the area near the Tama River after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020.
Episode 2 featuring Anna Ishii focuses on a school girl who stays alone in the dormitory because there is nowhere she wants to go back to.
It is a heartwarming drama telling stories of people who can meet each other only in the "current" situation. It will help you to relax your tense mind and body, and before you know it, you feel like you are taking a deep breath by the river!

Please look forward to the drama!!

Hulu original drama "Iki wo Hisomete"

To be exclusively streamed from 4/23/2021 (Fri.) (8 episodes in total)
*Only the first 4 episodes will become available at the same time. From then on, 1 episode will be unveiled every Friday.

The Tama River flows under the endless broad sky along the border of Tokyo and Kanagawa into Tokyo Bay.
Near the river bank boasting with rich nature, there are people playing sports, couples nestling against each other, students practicing singing and people riding bicycles.
But the COVID-19 in 2020 brings some changes to their everyday life.
Relying on the tastes in her memories, Hitomi (played by Kaho), who resigned from a company, reopens the canteen of her late grandpa. But the number of customers sharply decreases in the spring of 2020.
As she thinks about closing the canteen, a male customer called Mitsuo (played by Takumi Saito) begins to frequent the shop and always orders bottled beer and "juiced liver with Chinese chives" which were popular in her grandpa's generation.
"A college student who stays in the dormitory because she is unable to go back to her hometown", "a man and a woman with a huge age gap who meet on a dating app", "a daughter and her father who work on Uber Eats", "a married couple who works at home spend 24 hours a day together", "a high school student whose last chorus competition was canceled". Daily life of people living by the Tama River...
In the late autumn of 2021, high school teacher Mitsuo (played by Takumi Saito) is going to organize a concert for the chorus club by the Tama River.
The singing voices flows with the running river. While listening to the clear singing voices, Mitsuo finds...

【Anna Ishii's Comment】
While reading the script, I realized that this work is very relevant in the current age.
I believe that during the lockdown period everyone experienced the unusual rule of "Not meeting with people is to save people".
I got aware of this again after reading the script. I remembered what I thought and felt at that time and was really excited to enter the world of this work.

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