【Manami Shigetome】 ~★Episode 13 to be aired from 19:00 on 3/6 (Sat.)★~ YouTube drama "Model, Gekidan Hajimemashita"

Manami Shigetome will appear in
YouTube drama
"Model, Gekidan Hajimemashita".

Manami Shigetome plays Rena Hanayashiki in YouTube drama "Model, Gekidan Hajimemashita"!

Episode 13 will be aired from 19:00 on 3/6 (Sat.)!

Tears! Laughter! A lot of benefit!
Be sure to check out this new-feeling theatrical entertainment!!

Models saddled with huge debts are gathered together for a theatre audition.
Those who pass it must form a troupe and give performances in 1 year. But it does not mean that their debts are to be cleared.
No one explains to them why they are gathered. Under such circumstances, the models bet their life and start the hellish audition!
To get his life back to normal, Hikaru Makino (played by Taiko Katono) who intends to end his life for the huge debts participates in the audition. But...
It is a youth comedy about how models, without acting experience and in heavy debts, change their life by forming a troupe and entering the theatre world!!

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