New "Fighters Training Project" initiated by LDH martial arts to support young people with dreams!

LDH martial arts launches "Fighters Training Project", a new project to support fighters who pursue their dreams!

LDH has carried out various projects to support children and young people who pursue their dreams, such as auditions to discover artists, soccer contest "EXILE CUP" for elementary school students and dance contest "DANCE CUP" for elementary & middle school students. However, this is the first time to launch a project supporting the dream of becoming a fighter.

Initiated by EXILE HIRO, LDH's chief creativity director who supervised multiple projects, this project is centered on Hiroyuki Takaya, LDH's MMA fighter and former world champion in DREAM featherweight, and Yushin Okami who challenged the championship in world's top-class martial arts organization UFC. After discovering the "rough diamonds" who aim to be the world champions, Takaya and Okami who have experience of the world's top level will train them.

In addition, events combining LDH entertainment and martial arts for people of all ages including but not limited to martial arts lovers to enjoy are on the way. While creating a new martial arts entertainment, LDH artists will participate in the projects which aim to cultivate lots of "Japanese martial arts fighters who want to reach the top ".

What's more, this project has another purpose. Since fighters take their bodies as an asset, they have limited time to be active on the world's stage. So we want to support the future of fighters by creating an environment where those who have retired from the front line can play an active role and try new professions such as instructors and event producers.

"PRIDE" held from the late 1990s to the mid 2000s lighted up the fire of Japanese martial arts, and the Japanese martial arts in their heyday led the whole world. However, in the late 2000s, American martial arts organization UFC became the world's top-level stage due to its great capability and high popularity. Now, UFC fighters are considered to be top-notch together with the players of American professional basketball league NBA and the players of American professional football league NFL. It is said that a top fighter can get up to 500 million yen per match.

This project will be officially launched in 2021 to revive the excitement and thrill of martial arts' heyday and support young people who want to dedicate themselves to martial arts. Be sure to check it out.