"EXPG ONLINE STUDIO" site renewal ~Videos for beginners to be uploaded one by one~

"EXPG ONLINE STUDIO" was renewed and now has a new design!

The whole service from design to functions was renewed
so that more people from dance beginners to those aspiring to become professionals could enjoy it.
The main improvements were made in the following 3 parts.

①Newly added "Free Membership Plan" & "Corporate body registration function"

A new Free Membership Plan has been added!
Please sign up for free membership and try ONLINE LESSON!!
Please also contact us if you want to make dance a part of school club activities or company benefits.

②"New My Page functions"
③"Complete design renewal" You can find the lesson you want to take right away!

You can manage the genre and level of lessons you attend using My Page functions.
In addition, the level of users will be upgraded when they attend a certain number of lessons. Such a structure will let you enjoy the fun of upgrading your dance level in a way similar to games.
We will hold EXPG special audition projects for users of a specific level. Please look forward to them!

We have renewed the design of the navigation bar so that even those who have no experience in dancing can select videos without difficulties.
Find the videos you like according to genre, level & instructor and try the lesson!

Be sure to check out the new EXPG ONLINE STUDIO!!
Compatible devices: multi-device support
*You can access the website via PC & smartphone. 
*Membership is required for watching.