"EXPG STUDIO BY LDH" changes its name to "EXPG ENTERTAINMENT"! A branch school opens in Shanghai, China! EXILE AKIRA to serve as honorary principal / chief art director!!

The comprehensive entertainment school "EXPG STUDIO BY LDH" which has cultivated many LDH artists will change its name to "EXPG ENTERTAINMENT".
Moreover, it will open a school at "Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao" in Shanghai, China!
As one of the first businesses other than artist management, LDH has been implementing its own talent cultivation system since 2003 when the first school was founded.
Along with the opening of the first Shanghai branch school in China, "EXPG STUDIO" will establish a more global system, renew the brand concept, and will transform into "EXPG ENTERTAINMENT".
In the future, along with the expansion of our business, we will continue to pursue entertainment and raise it to an even higher level.

■EXILE AKIRA as honorary principal / chief art director of Jinqiao School in Shanghai!

【EXILE AKIRA's Comment】
EXPG is my starting point and also the place where I reinforced my foundation when I was young. By now, EXPG has 12 schools in Japan and 3 schools overseas. We are greatly inspired by the remarkable development that entertainment industry has achieved in recent years and feel happy to open a school here in Shanghai as our future prospect.
As a member of EXILE, I participated in a music festival held in Beijing in 2011. As an individual, I was featured in Chinese films. I have connections with China in many different ways.

EXILE will celebrate the 20th anniversary this year. Through our upgraded entertainment, we hope to repay our Asian fans who have been supporting us all along and to have a deeper connection with all of them. In such an era, our wish is to see everyone's smile brought by the entertainment created by us, including dance and songs. Now, I can pursue my different dreams as a member of EXILE because I had different encounters and accumulated diverse experience.

Each and every connection or many encounters are decided by destiny. I believe that connecting this kind of destiny to a broader future will become the hope of artists and kids of the next generation who will shoulder the future. I would like to share my accumulated "dance skills", "acting skills" and "experience as an EXILE member" to make EXPG ENTERTAINMENT a bridge connecting the dreams of children all over the world for them to realize their dreams.

■Design concept of the new "EXPG ENTERTAINMENT" logo

Creative director
Art director
Representative of the creative studio "SAMURAI"
Kashiwa Sato

More dynamic, strength, freedom and energy.
The icon, which symbolizes the upmost power and enthusiasm towards the future,
embodies our wish of wanting you to realize your dreams with this logo in your heart.

■Categories of EXPG ENTERTAINMENT's brands

・EXPG STUDIO / A place with its own system to cultivate artists (DANCE / VOCAL / RAP / ACT / DJ)
・EXPG ONLINE STUDIO / Online lessons for everyone to learn dancing anywhere and anytime
・ETC DANCE SCHOOL / A place for dance beginners to enjoy dancing according to their own purposes
・EXPG HIGH SCHOOL / A place to get a high school diploma while learning dancing

"EXPG STUDIO" is a professional school that fosters entertainers=people who want to be artists, dancers, vocalists, actors & actresses or performers. EXILE, who is Always on the road of pursuing their dreams, opened a school in Tokyo with the aim of providing a place for children to pursue their dreams. In addition to 12 schools located in Miyazaki, Sapporo, Osaka, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Nagoya, Yokohama, Omiya, Kyoto and Sendai, there are also overseas schools located in Taipei, New York and Los Angeles. As a place to make dreams come true, EXPG gradually expands its scope and now has four divisions: "EXPG HIGH SCHOOL" where you can get your high school diploma while learning things you like, "ETC DANCE SCHOOL" for dance beginners, "EXPG ONLINE STUDIO" for everyone to learn dancing anywhere and anytime and "EXPG STUDIO" mentioned above.

■A new project originated from EXPG ENTERTAINMENT
Apart from "EXPG Lab" whose activities aim at artists of the next generation, we formed "EXPG Authorized TikTok Teams" as a new project. A total of 62 teams from 12 EXPG STUDIO schools in Japan and EXPG STUDIO TAIPEI will carry out activities at the same time.
This project launched by EXPG ENTERTAINMENT will take advantage of the regional features and cultivated skills in dancing, singing and acting to present a new entertainment.

<TikTok Teams>

■Architect Yukiharu Takematsu+E.P.A & designers from so+ba are in charge of the architectural design and graphic design of Jinqiao School in Shanghai.

Architect Yukiharu Takematsu+E.P.A

Yukiharu Takematsu was born in Nagasaki in 1963. After graduation from Tama Art University (Dept. of Fine Arts, Architecture Course), he joined Unite Design & Planning Co., Ltd. In 1991 he established his own architectural design office under the name of E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Architectural Institute) and has started design activities based on the concept of self-sufficient architecture.
Yukiharu Takematsu+E. P. A. are involved in an increasing number of environmentally friendly projects and are realizing the architecture as a device to convert the environment through the establishment of a wall greening system and the development of hybrid CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) made of local wood. Of late Takematsu+E. P. A. has been focusing on large-scale wooden buildings and developing a fire resistant city consisting of wooden constructions. Since 2020, he serves as an external lecturer of Tama Art University's Department of Environmental Design.
1995/Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers Residential Architecture Award 1995
2017/GOOD DESIGN Award
2018/BCS Award
2018/DFA Design for Asia Award 2018 Grand AWARD
2018/FRAME AWARD (nomination)
2019/ AIJ Prize2019 and others

Designers from so+ba
Susanna Baer and Alex Sonderegger

Susanna Baer and Alex Sonderegger were born in Switzerland. They started their design studio "so+ba" in Tokyo in 2001. With their experiences in graphic design and advertising in Switzerland and Japan, as well as a good understanding of the two very different cultures, cross-cultural communication is one of the strength and the focus of so+ba. so+ba is active in the field of graphic design, art direction, sound visualization and teaching typography and design.

■About "Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao" in Shanghai

"EXPG ENTERTAINMENT" in "Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao", the first "LaLaport" overseas, is to open in the summer of 2021. This commercial facility will offer a wide range of time-consuming content centered on "experience".

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao

No. 738, New Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

About 7-minute walk from "Taierzhuang Road station" of Line 9