【Service launched!】 Accident insurance service "LDH PROTECT" only for the fan club members

Accident insurance service "LDH PROTECT" is provided for the fan club members from 7/1/2021 (Thu.)!!

"LDH PROTECT" is an accident insurance service that provides support to LDH fan club members in case of accidents, so that they could enjoy concerts without any worries.
We will provide a "Facility Visitor Accident Insurance (Contractor: LDH / Underwriting insurance company: Sompo Japan / Agency: Dai-ichi Life)" in case of hospitalization or hospital visit due to injuries received during a concert hosted by LDH.
This insurance will be provided to all fan club members for free for a limited period*.

For more details, please visit the special site▼

*Each fan club member will be provided with this insurance for free from 7/1/2021 (Thu.) to 7/31/2022 (Sun.).
After 8/1/2022 (Mon.), only those who have been the fan club members for 1 year and 1 month can get the insurance. Those who have been the fan club members for less than 1 year and 1 month will get the insurance automatically once they meet this requirement.

【Details of LDH PROTECT】
Concert facility visitors (hereinafter referred to as "visitors") will get the insurance payout if they get hurt due to the sudden and unexpected incidents that may happen in the facilities.
The insurance payout will be provided in the following cases:
・Bacterial and viral food poisoning
・Accidents on the way to or back from the concerts
*COVID-19 and other infectious diseases are not covered by this insurance.

【Designated Fan Clubs】(as of 6/29/2021 (Tue.))
・We are D.I
・Taichi Saotome official fan club