【On sale from 7/17 (Sat.)!!】AMAZING COFFEE's popular drink "Chocolate mo~mo~" to be sold at "Girls² PARK 2021 SUMMER"!

AMAZING COFFEE's popular drink "Chocolate mo~mo~" will be sold at "Girls² PARK 2021 SUMMER" to be held in NASU HIGHLAND PARK on 7/17 (Sat.)!

Be sure to try the special Chocolate mo~mo~ which contains plenty of butterfat and milk protein and features mellow & refreshing "Nasu Royal Jersey Milk"!
The cup features Girls² original design! There are 9 types in total. Which one will you get? Please look forward to it!!

"Ameko no Chocolate mo~mo~ no Moto" will also be sold at the venue. Customers who make a purchase will get stickers featuring the same design as that of the cup.

【Sales Period】
7/17/2021 (Sat.) ~ 10/31/2021 (Sun.) tentative

【Product Name / Sales Price】
・Chocolate mo~mo~ ¥500 (tax included)
・Ameko no Chocolate mo~mo~ no Moto ¥1,400 (tax included)
*Chocolate mo~mo~ has only one size and will be only served cold.

【Eligible Store】
Takakuotsu 3375, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi, 325-0398

*Depending on the spread of COVID-19 or society situation, the collaboration is subject to cancelation and content as well as schedule may be changed.