【CL】About the real-time subtitling feature for the live streams

Thank you for watching CL.

In order to allow more and more people to enjoy LDH entertainment,
we launch a real-time subtitling feature which recognizes audio from live broadcasts and automatically converts it, in real time, into subtitles in a range of languages.

1. During the live stream, please click the square mark next to "COMMENT" and switch it to "SUBTITLES".
2. If you want subtitles in other languages, please click the gear mark next to "SUBTITLES" and choose the language you like.
3. If you want to go back and leave comments, please click the square mark next to "SUBTITLES" again.

【Supported Languages】
Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Korean, Thai, Indonesian

Supported versions for real-time subtitling:
iOS: 2.0.0
Android: 2.0.0

*As this feature employs machine learning to convert information, the content of subtitles may change as more data is accumulated. Furthermore, because subtitling precision can be affected by voice quality, an individual's way of speaking, and the broadcast environment, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and there may be occasions when erroneous subtitles appear. Please use the feature with these points in mind.
*The app version of the real-time subtitling feature will be announced separately, after this release.

We are always striving to increase the amount of content for our customers to enjoy, and also to expand our range of features and services.
Please continue to support CL.