★Cover: EXILE★【To be released on 9/27 (Mon.)】 November issue of "GEKKAN EXILE"

The November issue of "GEKKAN EXILE"
will be released on 9/27 (Mon.)!
Cover: "EXILE"

The story began 22 years ago. In 1999, 5 obscure dancers & vocalists formed the group "J Soul Brothers" which is the predecessor of EXILE. The dance and vocal group "EXILE" made its debut on September 27, 2001. Now, EXILE has gained much popularity as one of Japan's leading national artist groups. Although more than 150 artists belong to LDH now, it only had 6 members at that time. After that, they released their debut single "Your eyes only ~Aimaina Bokuno Katachi~" in September 2001 and their album "EXILE ENTERTAINMENT" released in 2003 has sales of 1 million, making EXILE the symbol of the era. From the formation of EXILE to the present, EXILE HIRO who deserves the name of Mr. EXILE sometimes performed in front of fans as a performer and sometimes led the group as a producer. What does EXILE HIRO think at the point of EXILE's 20th debut anniversary? He will fully talk about the past, the present and the future as well as his ideas about EXILE.

In 1994, Toshio Matsumoto, EXILE ÜSA and EXILE MAKIDAI formed a dance team called "BABY NAIL". Due to their excellent dance skills, their names were well known in Japan's dance world which was not famous at that time. In 1998, they joined "J Soul Brothers", the predecessor of EXILE. Twenty years after EXILE was formed in 2001, although both the content of their activities and the environment of their personal activities have changed, they are still moving forward together. This time, Toshio Matsumoto, EXILE ÜSA and EXILE MAKIDAI who are both the members of "BABY NAIL" and the original member of EXILE will look back upon their past and talk about the future of EXILE 20 years after EXILE's debut.

EXILE ATSUSHI joined "J Soul Brothers", the predecessor of EXILE, in 2001. He established his position as EXILE's vocalist until he retired from EXILE in November 2020. In these 20 years, EXILE ATSUSHI's gentle but powerful singing and jewel-like lyrics must have brought power to many people, impressed them and even added colors to their lives. From Chapter 3 to Chapter 4 when the original members including EXILE HIRO, Toshio Matsumoto, EXILE ÜSA and EXILE MAKIDAI retired one after another, the group encountered obstacles. At that time, EXILE ATSUSHI stood out as a pillar and front man of this group and brought a new breeze to EXILE with his active performance. EXILE ATSUSHI who knows everything about EXILE from its formation to the current EXILE will talk about his feeling on EXILE'S 20th anniversary. What does EXILE mean to EXILE ATSUSHI?

EXILE will celebrate its 20th debut anniversary on September 27, 2021. Since its debut in 2001, EXILE has gone through many changes and keeps delivering Love, Dream & Happiness to Japan and even the whole world. "GEKKAN EXILE" will bring you special photos to celebrate EXILE's 20th anniversary! There will also be roundtable discussions held by members joined in Chapter 2, 3 and 4 respectively. They will talk about the past of EXILE and its future--.

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