【Work co-directed by Taichi Saotome】"Inori Bito" to be screened in "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021 Screening in Autumn"!

The "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021 Screening in Autumn" which is the largest international short film festivals in Asia officially recognized by the Academy Awards will be held in October.

"Discover Beauty Program" is a jointly-organized project in 2021 organized by Japan Cultural Expo
which gathers short films showing "Beauty of Japan" from female directors' perspectives.
As one of the works to be screened, the short film "Inori Bito" co-directed by Miyuki Matsuda and Taichi Saotome
will be screened in Tokyo Photographic Art Museum!

Be sure to check it out!!

"Inori Bito"

Miyuki Matsuda Taichi Saotome

As a tradition from ancient times, Japanese make dolls in order to pray for happiness or symbolize themselves and enshrine them as emblems.
The word "i no ri" is based on "i" (meaning: breath & life) and "nori" (meaning: statement).
That is to say, to pray is to breathe and live.
Light the flame in your heart, let it burn and fight with yourself. They state their behaviors to the gods.
Beautiful dolls show up within human ugliness.
These dolls which symbolize gods are also forms of human wishes.
For praying, the dolls dance wildly in beautiful scenery of the four seasons.
They do so to demonstrate flower fairies, water fairies and fire fairies that dance to the wind as well as the ancient way of Japanese to celebrate fiestas.

Details of "Inori Bito"

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021
Screening in Autumn

Online venue 10/1 (Fri.) ~ 10/31 (Sun.)
Physical venue (Tokyo Photographic Art Museum HALL) 10/21 (Thu.) ~ 10/24 (Sun.)
*"Inori Bito" will be screened only at the physical venue.

【Venues for Screening】
Online venue, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum HALL (in YEBISU GARDEN PLACE)

【Ticket Price】
Free of charge
*Ticket reservation will open on Peatix at 14:00 on 10/1 (Fri.).

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