【Shogo Kashida as a scriptwriter & director】 Hounangumi presents "Iga no Hanayome Iga Matsuri" to be staged on 10/12 (Tue.)!

Hounangumi presents "Iga no Hanayome Iga Matsuri"
with Shogo Kashida as a scriptwriter & director

Hounangumi presents "Iga no Hanayome Iga Matsuri" with Shogo Kashida as a scriptwriter & director
will be staged in Theater Sun-mall from 10/12 (Tue.)!

Please look forward to it!

Hounangumi presents reading drama "Iga no Hanayome Iga Matsuri"

【Performance Schedule】
"Sanshiro no Omiai"
◆10/12 (Tue.) 14:00
Cast: Shingo Machida, Atsushi Mizutani, Manabu Kurita, Ryosuke Kato
◆10/16 (Sat.) 14:00
Cast: Shingo Machida, Atsushi Mizutani, Tomohiro Takeda, Seiya Inagaki
◆10/17 (Sun.) 14:00
Cast: Shingo Machida, Atsushi Mizutani, Hiroki Suzuki, Hirokazu Tategata (THE CONVOY)

"Aqua Kujou no Koumon Iin"
◆10/13 (Wed.) 13:00
Cast: Hirokazu Tategata (THE CONVOY), Shingo Machida, Naozumi Takahashi, Akiko Muto, Naoto Seshimo (THE CONVOY)

"Shabu Babaa ni Blues wo"
◆10/13 (Wed.) 18:30
Cast: Naoto Seshimo (THE CONVOY), Hirokazu Tategata (THE CONVOY), Naozumi Takahashi, Ken Shonozaki

"Mama no Satogaeri"
◆10/14 (Thu.) 14:00
Cast: Naoto Seshimo (THE CONVOY), Shingo Machida, Seiya Inagaki, Yuri Ota, Ryota Nakanishi

"Gakki no Koshihikari"
◆10/15 (Fri.) 14:00
Cast: Yokoo Lui, Hirokazu Tategata (THE CONVOY), Kazumi Doi, Takuya Nagaoka

Theater Sun-mall
Sun-mall Crest B1, 1-19-10, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

"Sanshiro no Omiai"
Sanshiro who lives a low-profile life as a samurai of Iga assumes the responsibility for his family. If he does not marry, his family will disappear for lack of heirs.
"Sanshiro...Do your best to find a wife in order to save Iga clan." Sanshiro embarks on the journey of finding a wife.
But he becomes an otaku frequenting to Akihabara... Sanshiro, is that okay? No. He must change.
And today, he encounters his Miss Right. What is waiting for Sanshiro on the road ahead?

"Aqua Kujou no Koumon Iin"
Kujou Aqua is a mysterious crystal ball fortune teller. No one knows his past or present.
But one thing is for sure: he is a kind person.
"Hope you can defeat the COVID-19. Let me tell you the most horrible experience in my life." It may bring courage to people who chatted and watched in the anus hospital 10 years ago.
*It is Kujou Aqua's original script adapted from Shogo Kashida's "Nakano Anus Hospital" published 28 years ago.

"Mama no Satogaeri"
After 12 years, Seira Suzukaze comes back for the first time to his parents' home in Nagano after leaving there at the age of 18.
At the time of leaving then, a boy named Shotaro rushed through the station's ticket gate as if someone was chasing after him.
Now as a transgender man, Shotaro whispers "I am back." at that ticket gate.
The family members he meets 12 years later have their own bittersweet life.
This is a story about "Shotaro Onoue" family that happens at the end of the Showa era in the turbulent late 1980s. It brims with love in the small village.

"Shabu Babaa ni Blues wo"
It happens at the backstage of the stage play "Iga no Hanayome".
Seeing their senior Seira act so vigorously, two cast members suspect that he "must take stimulants". To find the truth, they carry out an undercover investigation.
They determine that if it needs, they are willing to receive hugs from Seira's mother in order to find the truth.
But the evidence is hard to seek. One day, the two cast members finally find a clue and have their wish fulfilled.
It is a suspense comedy.

"Gakki no Koshihikari"
Gakki is an intelligence vendor who will be panic if he cannot get intelligence.
Instead of money, Gakki gives a handful of koshihikari to people who provide intelligence.
"Rice can make people happy." This is Gakki's pet phrase which was also mentioned by his grandfather and father before.
What happened to Gakki family? The family's history is not known even to Gakki.
You will giggle at the unpredictable development of the plots, whisper that he is a fool and shed tears for the story.

【Scriptwriter & Director】
Shogo Kashida (Hounangumi presents)

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