【Emilie Yoda】Appearance on TSS "Japan in Motion", on air from 00:55 on 11/19 (Fri.)

Emilie Yoda will appear on TSS "Japan in Motion",
which will be aired from 00:55 to 01:25 on 11/19 (Fri.)!

"Japan in Motion" promotes Japan's charm to people living in Japan and abroad.
This time, "Okome no Chikara to Nihonjin no Chie Fukui-ken Hen" will be presented to you!
Fukui Prefecture is a place where traditional culture is still carefully passed on.
The program will provide a lot of information related to rice packed with the wisdom of the ancestors and the ingenuity of modern craftsmen such as the information about miso in miso soup indispensable for meals and vinegar that brings health to Japanese people!

Be sure to tune in!!

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