【Emilie Yoda】Appearance on TSS "Japan in Motion", on air from 00:55 on 11/26 (Fri.)

Emilie Yoda will appear on TSS "Japan in Motion",
which will be aired from 00:55 to 01:25 on 11/26 (Fri.)!

"Japan in Motion" promotes Japan's charm to people living in Japan and abroad.
This time, "Okome no Chikara to Nihonjin no Chie Wakayama-ken Hen" will be presented to you!
You will learn about "Buddhist cuisine" which is deemed as the origin of Japanese healthy food "Japanese cuisine", "vinegar" and "soy sauce" which have been supporting Japanese cuisine for a long time along with rice, cutting-edge technologies that maximize the potential of rice and other crafts that preserve traditions and find new value in Japanese cuisine.

Be sure to tune in!!

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