【Anna Ishii】~★All cast members unveiled★~ Appearance in Nissay Theater Family Festival 2022 NHK Minna no Uta musical "Little Zombie Girl" (11 performances in total) to be presented from 8/20/2022 (Sat.)!!

Nissay Theater Family Festival 2022
NHK Minna no Uta musical "Little Zombie Girl"
featuring Anna Ishii
will run from 8/20/2022 (Sat.) to 8/28/2022 (Sun.)!!

Anna Ishii will appear in Nissay Theater Family Festival 2022 NHK Minna no Uta musical "Little Zombie Girl"!!

It is an original musical planned and produced by Nissay Theater, NHK Enterprises and TOHO.
More than 1,500 songs have been produced since the broadcast of NHK "Minna no Uta" in 1961, and you will hear several famous songs of NHK "Minna no Uta" well-liked by many people throughout the musical. It tells a story about the friendship between Nono, a zombie girl living in a remote forest, and a human boy named Sho living in a city.

Anna Ishii will play a kind human boy named Sho who becomes a friend of the main character, a zombie girl called Nono!

Be sure to check it out♪

【Anna Ishii's Comment】
After getting to know "Little Zombie Girl", I experienced a lot of wonderful emotions and felt kindness.
I began to watch "Minna no Uta" since I was young and I learned the joy of singing and the importance of friends from it. All these made me who I am today.
I hope the story can make people waiting for a bright future understand the great power and importance of singing and friends. Therefore, I will do my best to play this role.

Away from humans, who are her dangerous enemies, a little zombie girl named Nono lives happily with her friends deep in the forest.
One day, humans intrude the forest. What is their purpose? Zombies all shiver with fear.
Nono, who disguises herself and come to humans' city as a spy, encounters a kind boy named Sho.
She has heard that "humans are extremely horrible", but... She is confused by his kindness, but they still become friends.
However, the conflict between humans and zombies becomes more and more intense.
How will their friendship that should not have existed go on...? And what will happen between humans and zombies in the future...?
The musical will present you the friendship between these two along with the well-known songs chosen from over 1,500 songs of NHK "Minna no Uta" that has been aired for about 60 years.

【Performance Schedule】
8/20/2022 (Sat.) ~ 8/28/2022 (Sun.) 11 performances in total

Nissay Theater
1-1-1, Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
There will also be other performances around Japan. (Details will be published at a later date.)

Nono (two cast members playing the same role): Hikaru Takahashi / Iroha Kumagai
Sho (two cast members playing the same role): Anna Ishii / Ito Riria (Nogizaka46)

Cruz: Masahiro Ehara
Haru: Kanako Ishida
Oyabun: Kong Kuwata

Lily: Yuga Yamato

Kaito Arai, Koji Ishitobi, Kaede Imagome, Momoko Otaishi, Kirara Oyama, Shio Kisui, Shunichiro Saito, Ikumi Takase, Yuichi Tamura,
Manami Hannya, Mayu Musha, Kan Muto (in the order of Japanese syllabary)

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