【MIYAVI】MIYAVI's family featured in Gap "The New'90s" campaign!

MIYAVI's family will be featured in Gap "The New'90s" campaign which starts on 2/22 (Tue.)!

The campaign themed upon "The New'90s" invites Mika Ninagawa who is a photographer and movie director to take photos.
The photos manifest individuality of 4 groups of artists, the MIYAVIs, Scha Dara Parr, Gordon Maeda, Rina Fukushi & Mari Fukushi!

Artists in Gap's iconic items including denims, khakis, T-shirts and sweatshirts show American freestyle in accordance with the theme "The New'90s" that keeps up with the times.
This campaign will be published in nationwide Gap stores, Gap online store, on social media and digital media at any time after 2/22 (Tue.).

Be sure to check it out!

★Campaign Video★

【MIYAVI's Comment】
My whole family was invited to the photo shooting. It is a valuable experience to work with my family members in Gap campaign.
I spend much time at home because of COVID-19. While enjoying music with family members, I realized again the importance of family bonds.
Mika Ninagawa took photos for us. As she is a friend I respect and a mother of a family, I believe she can better deliver the charm of Gap.
My kids love Gap as well. I think it is important and brilliant for parents to enjoy fashion with their children.
Everyone in my family, even the eldest son who made his first official appearance, had a delightful time.

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