Official photo to celebrate the release of PKCZ®'s digital single "Mou Ii Jan" to be sold for a week only from 5/20 (Fri.)!

Alan Shirahama showed his perfect "mushroom hairstyle" on the cover of PKCZ®'s digital single "Mou Ii Jan".
The cover in the style of songs of Showa era was taken at "Marubelldo" which opened in Asakusa in 1921! It is known as Japan's only photo studio at that time!

This special photo, which became "a hot topic" among fans, will be sold as "Marubelldo photo" in Marubelldo (Asakusa) and its official store "Promide no Marubelldo Shouwa Star Club" for a week only from 5/20 (Fri.)!
What's more, there will also be a lottery event only for purchasers in Marubelldo (real store only)!

"Photo featuring Alan Shirahama with a mushroom hairstyle" in your hands!!
Be sure to get this special photo!

"Mou Ii Jan" Release Celebration: PKCZ® x Promide no Marubelldo
Official photo of "Mou Ii Jan" to be sold!!

【Sales Period】
5/20 (Fri.) ~ 5/27 (Fri.)

(Real Store) Promide no Marubelldo

1-30-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

【Business Hours】
The business hours will be extended as follows during the sales period.
Weekdays: 11:00 ~ 18:00 / Weekends and holidays: 10:30 ~ 19:00

¥350 (tax included)

【Online Shop】
Promide no Marubelldo "Shouwa Star Club"

Only for purchasers in the real store of Marubelldo
PKCZ® x Promide no Marubelldo "lottery" campaign!!

①Purchase 3 types of Alan Shirahama's photos at Marubelldo main store in Asakusa.
②Follow PKCZ®'s TikTok account.
③Leave the emoji of "Mushroom" below the "Mou Ii Jan" video published on the PKCZ®'s TikTok account.

Applicants who meet the above-mentioned conditions can participate in the "lottery" on a first-come, first-served basis!
Those who get "fair luck" will receive a photo of Alan Shirahama "Mou Ii Jan" with his autograph!
Please come to Marubelldo in Asakusa!

*We may set a limit on the number of items each customer can purchase if there are too many customers in the store.
*The content of this campaign is subject to change and the campaign itself may be canceled without prior notice. Please check the notice in the store for more details.
*Only purchasers in the store in Asakusa can participate in this lottery. Please note that people who make purchases in the online shop are not eligible for this campaign.

【PKCZ® TikTok Account】