【Crystal Kay & VERBAL】Appearance as guests at "BoA 20th Anniversary Special Live -The Greatest-" to be held on 5/29 (Sun.)!

Crystal Kay and VERBAL will appear as guests at the special one-night-only concert "BoA 20th Anniversary Special Live -The Greatest-", the culmination of their 20th debut anniversary in Japan,
which will be held on 5/29 (Sun.)!

Be sure to check it out!

Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium

5/29 (Sun.)
Open 15:30 / Start 17:00

*The opening time and the starting time are subject to change.
*After the consultation with municipalities and venues, the event will be held under the capacity rate in accordance with the prescribed rules.

【Ticket Types / Price】
■Reserved Seat
・General: ¥12,000 (tax included) *With penlight
・U20: ¥8,000 (tax included) *With penlight
*U20 tickets are limited to those under the age of 20 as of the event day. We may check your photo ID that can be used to confirm your age on the event day.
Please note that only the IDs listed below will be accepted.

〇Valid photo ID
*Copies of IDs and expired IDs will not be accepted.
Passport / Driver's license / Basic resident register card with a face photo / Special permanent residence certificate or residency card / Disability certificate / Credit card with a face photo / Individual number card with a face photo
*Notice cards are invalid.
*Employee ID card and student's identity card are invalid even if there are photos.

■Reserved Seat: ¥12,000 (tax included) *With penlight
*During the performance, you need to view the performance on seats (stand seats) and you cannot stand to watch.

■Upper Seat: ¥5,500 (tax included) *With penlight
*Seats on the stand on the 2nd floor (Behind the reserved seat)

*Please note that "The Greatest Seat" will not be sold.
*Penlight will be picked up at the venue on the event day. It will not be distributed at other time.
*Up to one child under the age of 3 can view the show for free on the knees of per guardian. However, you need to purchase them tickets if they need seats.
*It is prohibited to record, film or use photographic equipment (mobile phone).
*It is prohibited to resell the tickets for profits.
*One person can apply for up to 4 tickets.

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