【Special Trailer "The Strongest Cast" unveiled!!】 Movie "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X" to open in movie theaters around Japan on 9/9/2022 (Fri.)!

Featuring Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, Ryu, Takahide Suzuki,
Itsuki Fujiwara, Makoto Hasegawa, Zin,
Akihisa Shiono and Suzuki Higa!!
to open in movie theaters around Japan on 9/9/2022 (Fri.)!!

The "HiGH & LOW" series, which depicts men's friendship and fierce battles presented in various forms, grossed a record-breaking 7.8 billion yen and drew an audience of more than 5.56 million people. It collaborated with "CROWS" and "WORST" (original author: Hiroshi Takahashi), the masterpieces of high school delinquent manga which have sold over 80 million copies, on producing the transboundary movie "HiGH & LOW THE WORST". Its sequel "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X (Cross)" will open in movie theatres around Japan on 9/9/2022 (Fri.)!

【Promo Video】

【Video of the new cast members】

【Special Trailer "The Strongest Cast"】*NEW

In the previous work, "the dark and brutal senior high school" Oya High School that stands for "O" in SWORD of the "HiGH&LOW" series had a fierce battle against terrifying "Killer Group" Housen Academy from "CROWS" and "WORST" from Toaru City, whose members except gang leaders all have shaved heads. It is a battle of "the strongest vs. the strongest".

In the latest work "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X", Oya High School led by Fujio Hanaoka (played by Kazuma Kawamura) meets Senomon Technical High School aka "Bloody Gates" whose members all wear crimson uniforms. To destroy Oya High School, Senomon's leader Kohei Amagai (played by Ryoki Miyama / BE:FIRST's member RYOKI) and Ryo Suzaki (played by Yuta Nakamoto / NCT 127's member YUTA) form a three-school alliance with Kamasaka High School 【aka Kama High】 and Ebara Commercial High School 【aka Barasho】. The most powerful guys in the SWORD area are planning a relentless "hunt to destroy Oya High School".

Itsuki Fujiwara plays Reiji Himuro from Kamasaka, a "vicious armed group". Makoto Hasegawa plays Shoji Sameoka who is one of the most powerful guys in Ebara that is under the control of "three gods of war" and in alliance with Kamasaka and Senomon. Moreover, Zin plays Fujin, one of the three gods of war.
It is the first time for them to be featured in a movie and appear in the "HiGH&LOW" series.

【Photo of Team Oya High School】

(from the left) Nakaoka (played by Ken Nakajima), Nakagoshi (played by Fuju Kamio), Kiyoshi (played by Satoshi Uekiya), Yasushi (played by Ryuji Sato),
Tsukasa Takajo (played by Hokuto Yoshino), Fujio Hanaoka (played by Kazuma Kawamura), Yosuke Todoroki (played by Goki Maeda), Shibaman (played by Ryu),
Tsuji (played by Takahide Suzuki), Jamuo (played by Kohei Fukuyama), Motoaki (played by Win Morisaki)

【Photo of Team Senomon Technical High School】

(from the left) Saboten (played by Ikuya Naganuma), Kohei Amagai (played by Ryoki Miyama)
Ryo Suzaki (played by Yuta Nakamoto), Tsudanuma (played by Suzuki Higa)

【Photo of Team Kamasaka High School】

(from the left) Reiji Himuro (played by Itsuki Fujiwara), Gandhi (played by Hiroaki Oka)

【Photo of Team Ebara Commercial High School】

(from the left) Fujin (played by Zin), Shoji Sameoka (played by Makoto Hasegawa), Raijin (played by Kento Imamura)

Project Planner EXILE HIRO
The release of "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X", which is the sequel of "HiGH&LOW THE WORST", has been announced.
The previous work became very popular, so I am really happy about making its sequel "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X".
The worldview of "HiGH&LOW" that many fans enjoy will be infused into this work, so be sure to look forward to it!
Moreover, we also invited the Japanese member YUTA from "NCT 127" that is active in South Korea and RYOKI from "BE:FIRST". They will make "HiGH&LOW" even more exciting. Please pay attention to their performance in this work.
In addition, there are many wonderful songs that perfectly suit the movie. Be sure to check out each team's song!

Kazuma Kawamura who plays Fujio Hanaoka
I feel happy simply because the shooting finally started!
4 years have passed since the shooting for the previous work. This time, I will again play "Fujio Hanaoka" created by Hiroshi Takahashi. I happily played my role with respect and conviction.
As the shooting went on, I was no longer afraid of failing to surpass the previous work. I believe we made an interesting work, so please look forward to it!!

Itsuki Fujiwara who plays Reiji Himuro
This is Itsuki Fujiwara who plays Reiji Himuro.
I was very happy when I was invited to appear in this work.
Actually, appearing in the HiGH&LOW series was one of my dreams and goals.
While watching works featuring my seniors and other RAMPAGE members, I was wondering what kind of role I would play.
There are scenes where I fight against members who work together with me at ordinary times, which brings me a brand new feeling. I think these scenes unique to HiGH&LOW are very exciting!
Please look forward to the upgraded "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X"!

Makoto Hasegawa who plays Shoji Sameoka
This is Makoto Hasegawa who plays "Shoji Sameoka" from the three-school alliance / Ebara Commercial High School.
I have always wanted to participate in the HiGH&LOW PROJECT since it was launched, so I am really happy to be able to participate this time!
The main characteristic of Sameoka is his hairstyle. Just like "same (shark)" in his name, his hairstyle will remind you of shark scales!
As a calm and smart person, he often shows great foresight and makes right decisions.
The three-school alliance will bring something new to "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X"! Please look forward to the movie release!!

Zin who plays Fujin
This is Zin from THE RAMPAGE!
I play "Fujin (Jin Kazami)" in "HiGH&LOW THE WORST X"!
I played my first role in a stage play last year, after which I was attracted by "expressions other than dance". Now, I want to try various kinds of things. Therefore, I feel very happy for being able to appear in such an excellent work.
I try to play the role of "Fujin" in my own way.
I hope you can watch it in movie theaters!

Oya High School stands for "O" in SWORD.
It is divided into the full-time students and the part-time students. The full-time students are led by Fujio Hanaoka (played by Kazuma Kawamura). He comes to Suzuran All-Boys High School in Toaru City to find the strongest man Lao who is surrounded by many legends.

At the same time, delinquents in SWORD who aim to become the leader of Oya High School
are waiting for an opportunity...

One of them is Kohei Amagai (played Ryoki Miyama), the leader of Senomon Technical High School which is also called "Bloody Gates" wearing a crimson school uniform.
He is backed up by the most powerful man Ryo Suzaki (played by Yuta Nakamoto).
Moreover, he gets Kamasaka High School and Ebara Commercial High School from the SWORD area, which are also aiming at taking the head of Oya High, on his side. With the formation of "a three-school alliance" Kohei Amagai extends his influence.

Soon, Oya High's Tsukasa Takajo (played by Hokuto Yoshino) and Yosuke Todoroki (played by Goki Maeda) notice suspicious actions of the three-school alliance... Meanwhile, the alliance pays them an abrupt visit.
The three-school alliance finally starts hunting Oya High.

Students of Oya High are now getting suddenly ambushed.
Will Fujio, who has been settling things with his fist, be able to protect his friends who are defeated one after another
under such overwhelmingly unfavorable circumstances?!

Fujio and Suzaki, the strongest delinquent of the three-school alliance, engage in the fiercest fight for the top spot!
What does Fujio wants to tell with his fists?
A fight for the real top spot starts.

【Project Planner】EXILE HIRO

【Chief Director】Daisuke "NINO" Ninomiya
【Director】Norihisa Hiranuma
【Action Director】Masaki Suzumura

【Original & Characters】Hiroshi Takahashi
【Scriptwriters】Shoichiro Masumoto, Kei Watanabe, Norihisa Hiranuma
【Music】Yuta Nakano

Oya High School: Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, Ryuji Sato, Fuju Kamio, Kohei Fukuyama, Ryu, Takahide Suzuki, Satoshi Uekiya, Ken Nakajima / Win Morisaki / Goki Maeda
Housen Academy: Akihisa Shiono, Yo Aoi, Shin Koyanagi, Atsushi Arai, Ryotaro Sakaguchi
Senomon Technical High School: Yuta Nakamoto (NCT), Ryoki Miyama (RYOKI), Ikuya Naganuma, Suzuki Higa
Kamasaka High School: Itsuki Fujiwara, Hiroaki Oka
Ebara Commercial High School: Makoto Hasegawa, Zin, Kento Imamura

【Release Day】9/9/2022 (Fri.)

【Official Site】https://www.high-low.jp/movies/theworst-x/
【Official Twitter】@HiGH_LOW_PR
【Official Instagram】high_low_official

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