【Yuki Sakurai】Appearance at premium advance screening event of ABEMA's latest work "Ookami-chan to Ookami-kun ni wa Damasarenai" #1!

To celebrate the broadcast of Ookami series's latest work "Ookami-chan to Ookami-kun ni wa Damasarenai" on ABEMA from 22:00 on 8/14 (Sun.), a premium advance screening event for you to enjoy the program prior to the first episode will specially be held in Tokyo and Osaka!
Yuki Sakurai from Kare Ookami in the former season of the series will participate in the premium advance screening event held in Tokyo!

Be sure to check it out!!

【Event Schedule】
8/14 (Sun.)

Venue: Somewhere in Shibuya
Starting time of reception: 12:00
Starting time of the event: 12:15

Venue: Somewhere in Shinsaibashi
Starting time of reception: 13:00
Starting time of the event: 13:15

*Yuki Sakurai will not appear at the Osaka venue.
*Please note that the event time differs at each venue.
*Details of the venues will be informed to winners only.

The transportation expenses to the venues will be borne by the winners.

【Application period】 
8/5 (Fri.) 12:00 ~ 8/7 (Sun.) 23:59

【Application method】
Please answer questions on the application form and submit the form.

【About winning announcement】
・Only winners will be notified by the direct message from the official Instagram of Ookami series (@ookami_official).
Be sure to follow the account @ookami_official.
・Each winner can participate in the event with one companion.
・The screen of the direct message that notifies the winning will be checked at the reception on that day.
Please note that images such as screenshots will be invalid.

【About measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19】
・If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, please give top priority to your physical condition and do not come to the venue.
・Please cooperate with us on frequently washing hands, using the provided disinfectant and obeying the cough etiquette.
・Please cooperate with us on the temperature measurement during admission. You will not be allowed to enter if your body temperature is over 37.5 degrees.
・Be sure to wear a mask inside the venue.
・Please refrain from talking or making any sound when watching the performance.

Mail: info@support.abema.tv
*Responses will only be made on business days of weekdays.