Tour goods of "E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~" have been unveiled!!

Tour goods of E.G.family's first hall tour "E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~" have finally been unveiled!!
There are a lot of wonderful items in popular colors and E.G.family's style. You will become full of power once you put them on☆
There are also various products including items printed with photos taken by Dream Aya!
Let's put them on and make the tour more exciting☆

The goods will be sold from 12:00 on 2/2 (Sat.) in EXILE TRIBE STATION TOKYO/OSAKA/ONLINE SHOP!!

E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~

What's more! To commemorate the holding of the tour, E.G.family's online capsules will be sold soon!!
You can get tin badge (printed with the members' photos), puzzle key chain, strap and neck strap from the capsules!
Be sure to check them out as well☆

The sales of capsules start from 10:00 on 2/2 (Sat.) on EXILE TRIBE STATION ONLINE SHOP!!
*Capsule tickets will also be sold from 10:00 on 2/2 (Sat.).

For the purchasing process of the online capsules, please click here.
*The capsules will only be sold in the online shop. They will not be available at live show venues or EXILE TRIBE STATION TOKYO/OSAKA.
*If you purchase the online capsules before the start of tour goods sales, the items you get can be shipped to you together with the tour goods you purchase after.
If you finish the shipping procedure before you purchase the tour goods, they cannot be shipped to you together.