A message from EXILE HIRO

I think you have already heard the news.
just announced
a piece of sad news.

Shota Nakao
passed away on July 6
after fighting against the disease.

I am in grief
and feel very sad and sorry.

Despite the terrible pain
in recent months,
Shota did not give up till the end.
He fought against the disease
with all his might.
was a strong boy
and I admire his courage
from the bottom of my heart.

In the FANTASTICS members' and my
LINE group chat
which is updated
every day,
Shota has been bright and cheerful
till the end.

"I will conquer the disease
and perform with our members.
Please wait for me..."

"Thank you
for giving me power.
I will spare no effort to do my best today..."

He always
sent positive messages
to us.

He is a kind
and good boy.
I came to a new understanding of Shota
in the past few months.

From his manner of doing things and his blog articles,
I can feel
his charm.
Those articles in Shota's style
where he imagined
performing with the members
on live shows
and the emoji he used,
all of which have inspired us.

He imagined
his favorite dance
with his beloved members
in front his beloved fans
every day.

He imagined creating an amazing live show
with the fans.
He coped with
the harsh reality
with the pride of
an EXILE TRIBE member.

I feel so sorry
and regrettable.
I again express my respect
to Shota
for his way of living his life,
his manner of doing things
and his courage.

I hope
I can convey
Shota's thoughts
to his beloved FANTASTICS members,
EXILE TRIBE members,

In the future of
I hope that
we can show you
the evidence of Shota's existence,
his ideas and
his image...

I myself
will also cherish my encounter with Shota.
I want to show you the value of
Shota's way of living his life.

I would like to
pay my respect to
Shota's mother
who fought against the disease with him
till the end.
I will treat the evidence of Shota's existence,
his dream and hope
as his mother's dream.
And I will keep on supporting
his mother's dream
to make Shota happy.

I also want to thank the doctors
who treated Shota.
Thank you very much!


The evidence of your existence
will be preserved forever.
And we are going to
realize your dream
together with you.

I think it was very painful
and regretful.
Shota, rest in peace!
The ideas of Shota who has been working so hard
will be conveyed and
the strong-willed Shota
will be remembered by us forever.
You did really really well!

I am so grateful
I could meet Shota.

We will inherit
Shota's dream
and realize his dream in the future.

Please wait for that day!

for your hard work.