【Broadcast in the summer of 2019】Kanta Sato appearing in the Chinese internet drama "SWEET TAI CHI"!

Kanta Sato will appear in the Chinese internet drama "SWEET TAI CHI" (24 episodes in total) which will be aired on Chinese video hosting service "YOUKU" in the summer of 2019!
This is the first time for Kanta Sato to appear in an overseas drama.

This drama is a youth love story between a hot‐blooded Kung Fu girl Feng Piaopiao from CMFU Gakuen and the cool and unapproachable prodigy Wei Chu. The story takes place at the Tai Chi Club in their university. It depicts how they inherit Chinese martial art Tai Chi, revive Tai Chi wholeheartedly and grow constantly by overcoming difficulties.
In "SWEET TAI CHI", Kanta Sato plays an exchange student from Japan named Shun Tsukiyama who was born in a family of artists. Tsukiyama is very interested in traditional Chinese culture. Through talking about painting and delicious Chinese food, he gets acquainted with the heroine Feng Piaopiao who attends the art exhibition on behalf of CMFU Gakuen and they become best friends. Since then, he falls in love with her...

【Kanta Sato's Comment】
This time, I play a Japanese student named Shun Tsukiyama who is studying in China in the Chinese internet drama "SWEET TAI CHI" (Chinese title: Shu Nv Piao Piao Quan). I do not speak Chinese, so I am really grateful to all the Chinese cast members and staff who greeted me with friendliness beyond my imagination.
I tried to communicate directly with the director in English as much as possible. Also, I really appreciated that everyone taught me Chinese greetings and words during the break time of filming and recommended some local food. This time I play a foreign student from Japan, but as I was touching Chinese culture, I felt the desire to know more about Chinese and Japanese culture just like my character.
Sometimes I felt at a loss in such an unfamiliar environment. But with the things that I felt through the play, I experienced moments when we connected beyond words and nationality. I would like to participate in other Chinese works. It was a very valuable experience for me personally and as an actor. I am looking forward to the day when this work is aired.

■Broadcast Information
On air in the summer of 2019 (24 episodes in total)
Scheduled to be broadcast on Chinese video hosting service "YOUKU" (www.youku.com)
@2019 Chinese internet drama "SWEET TAI CHI" Production Committee
YOUKU / China Literature Pictures / Dada Pictures