【Starting from 21:00 on 4/8 (Mon.)】Nobuyuki Suzuki appearing in Fuji TV's "Radiation House ~Houshasenka no Shindan Report~"!

Nobuyuki Suzuki will appear in Fuji TV's "Radiation House ~Houshasenka no Shindan Report~"
which will start airing from 21:00 on 4/8 (Mon.)!

It is the first time for Suzuki to appear in a drama airing at 9 o'clock on Monday nights!
And he will play a doctor for the first time.

Iori Igarashi played by Masataka Kubota is a radiographer who believes the "truth" is definitely captured in the images. He received recognition for his work from the most authoritative radiologists in the U.S. and he is now back in Japan. Iori Igarashi begins to work at Amakasu General Hospital where the heroine An Amakasu played by Tsubasa Honda works as a radiologist...
Nobuyuki Suzuki plays the good-looking orthopedist Shuntaro Tsujimura working at Amakasu General Hospital who is also Iori's rival in love.
Tsujimura is an orthopedist with a promising future. He is also popular with women because of his good looks, so he is the complete opposite of Iori in every way. He and Iori are rivals in their love for An. To get her attention, Tsujimura tries all sorts of approaches, such as inviting her on a date.

A time-limited Ameba Blog has been launched for "Radiation House ~Houshasenka no Shindan Report~".
*The blog will remain open from 3/13 (Wed.) till the final episode goes on air.

It is not only the doctor standing in front of us who finds our illness....... There are also radiographers who look for the cause of the disease and show the lesion with X-ray and CT, as well as radiologists who read the images and diagnose the disease. They work at the radiology department, "Radiation House"! This drama about people who work there depicts the battle of "behind-the-scenes heroes" who find out the cause of the patients' diseases and injuries!

【Nobuyuki Suzuki's Comment】
It was decided that I will for the first time appear in a drama airing at 9 o'clock on Monday nights. It has been my dream since I was a child, so I am very happy and eagerly looking forward to it! I will challenge the role of a doctor for the first time. I play an elite orthopedist who is the love rival of the hero Iori played by Kubota. I will do my best to convey Shuntaro Tsujimura's charm and find a right balance between comedy and seriousness. Also, it is the first time for me to wear a doctor's white coat, so it is a fresh experience! All my co-stars are ones of the most striking figures of the same generation as me. I don't know how helpful I can be, but I will do my best so with our teamwork we could create a great TV drama! In addition, a time-limited Ameba Blog dedicated to promoting the drama has been launched! There we will be uploading the exclusive content that will only be available on the Ameba Blog, so please look forward to it!

Fuji TV "Radiation House ~Houshasenka no Shindan Report~"

■Broadcast Schedule
Starts from 4/8 (Mon.)
From 21:00 to 21:54 every Monday
*The first episode is 30 minutes longer.

Masataka Kubota
Tsubasa Honda

Alice Hirose
Kenta Hamano
Tomomi Maruyama
Masato Yano

Sayaka Yamaguchi
Kenichi Endo

Nobuyuki Suzuki
Kazuyuki Asano
Emi Wakui
and others

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