Keita Machida appearing in NHK FM's audio drama "Shinjuku no Neko", on air from 22:00 on 8/24 (Sat.)!

Keita Machida appearing in NHK FM's audio drama "Shinjuku no Neko",
which will be aired from 22:00 to 22:50 on 8/24 (Sat.)!

Be sure to tune in!!

【Broadcast Schedule】
8/24 (Sat.) 22:00 ~ 22:50
(1 episode in total)

【Broadcast Channel】

Hiroaki Murakami, Keita Machida, Miori Takimoto, Megumi Yokoyama
Masuo Amada, Goki Ogawa, Tsurumatsu Matsukuma, Yuya Tamaki

Durian Sukegawa

I am a little-known program editor who has been discriminated and rejected at work due to my color weakness. One evening, I meet Yume at a pub in Shinjuku Golden Gai. She is an enigmatic waitress who takes good care of wild cats and I have been attracted by such a woman with a cool appearance but a gentle soul. I promise Yume that I will produce our exclusive poem collection themed on wild cats living in the Golden Gai. But, after an incident Yume left me and even disappeared from the Golden Gai--.
The story takes place in Shinjuku Golden Gai during the bubble economy era. The two people who are not accepted by the society and live alone finally encounter each other and search for the light of hope. They struggle to live in a corner of the city while caring about each other. It is a pure love story that will warm your heart.

【Rebroadcast Schedule】
*To be available from 12:00 on 8/26 (Mon.) to 12:00 on 9/2 (Mon.)

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