SWAY appearing in the latest feature film project set in Hokkaido!

SWAY will appear in the latest feature film project in which director Hiroshi Shinagawa breaks a new ground setting the story in Hokkaido!!

It is a feature film set in Shimokawa-cho, Hokkaido with Hiroshi Shinagawa, a comedian and movie director, as the writer-director.

SWAY plays a classmate of the heroine (played by HONEBONE EMILY) from Shimokawa-cho, Hokkaido!

Look forward to this project created by director Shinagawa and viewers together, fundraising for which started even before the script was finished☆

■SWAY's Comment
I am very excited to play a role in director Shinagawa's work!
Moreover I am happy to create this work in my home area Hokkaido.
Just look forward to it!

A girl who comes to Tokyo to pursue a singer-songwriter career has a change of heart and decides to become a famed idol singer.
But the media widely scoops her relationship with a popular musician which deeply hurts the heroine. Mentally exhausted, she then goes back to her hometown Shimokawa-cho and tries to get back on track surrounded by classmates, family members and the nature...
It is a youth story of 28-year-old girl.

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