Kanta Sato winning an award in talent category of "HAIR OF THE YEAR 2019" held by SHUFUNOTOMO!

"HAIR OF THE YEAR 2019" is an event held by SHUFUNOTOMO where the best hair stylists in the industry choose the "HAIR OF THE YEAR".

Kanta Sato won an award in the male talent category of this event which was jointly held by SHUFUNOTOMO and Beauty Week Promotion Association (nonprofit organization) at YAMANO HALL in Tokyo on 9/3/2019 (Tue.)!

Kanta Sato appeared via pre-recorded video and said "I have tried many hairstyles from dreadlocks to natural curls depending on the roles I played. Hairstyles are very helpful to role-shaping. I am very particular about my hair style up to the deviation of 0.5mm. We need to trust those who touch our hair. The trust relation with our hairstylist is very important."