【Held from 15:00 on 12/12 (Thu.)!!】A "Princess Holy War" event where players who rank higher in "PRINCE OF LEGEND LOVE ROYALE" will have a chance to meet with the princes is being held!

"PRINCE OF LEGEND LOVE ROYALE", the smart phone application of "PRINCE OF LEGEND",
launched a major event "Princess Holy War" in the game from 15:00 on 12/12 (Thu.)!
*The event schedule is subject to change without prior notice.
Players who rank higher in the major event "Prince Holy War" will be invited to the real event event "Meet with cast of PRINCE OF LEGEND"!

Details will be announced on social media or in the game later. Don't miss it!!

*This event is scheduled to be held in around March 2020 in Tokyo. (The appearing artists are under consideration.)
*Middle school students and younger cannot attend this event. (by March 2020)
*There is no age limit for participants of "Princess Holy War".

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