Nobuyuki Suzuki appearing at the stage greeting event of the movie "Brave -Gunjo Senki-" on the movie opening day, 3/12 (Fri.)!

Nobuyuki Suzuki will appear at the stage greeting event of the movie "Brave -Gunjo Senki-" on the opening day, 3/12 (Fri.)!

Be sure to come!

Stage greeting event to be held before the screening at 17:00 on 3/12/2021 (Fri.)
*The stage greeting event is scheduled to be held from 17:00.

TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills

Mackenyu Arata, Hirona Yamazaki, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Keisuke Watanabe, Kenichi Matsuyama, director Katsuyuki Motohiro
*The participants are subject to change without prior notice.

【Ticket Sales】
Lottery-based sales on Ticket PIA
*One person can only apply for one ticket.

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【Ticket Price】
■General ticket: 2,100 yen
■Ticket for university students and vocational college students: 1,700 yen
■Ticket for high school students & children (3 years old ~ middle school student): 1,200 yen
■Ticket for people with disability certificates: 1,200 yen
(*Only people with disability certificates can make applications for their companions. (One companion for each person with disability certificates / Price for their companions: 1,200 yen.))
■Ticket for seniors (60 years old and above): 1,400 yen
■Premium Box Seat: +1,000 yen
*Students need to bring their student ID cards.
*You may be asked to show an ID to prove your age.

【Inquiries about the stage greeting event】
Toho Co., Ltd. Advertising Department
TEL: 03-3591-1290
Reception Hours: March 8 (Mon.) ~ March 11 (Thu.) 11:00 ~ 17:00 (Closed on weekends and holidays)
*If there are any tickets left, they will only be sold online at the regular price from 3/9 (Tue.). The sales method and other details will be published on the official homepage.

・When you come to the theater, please wear a mask and cooperate in the prevention of the COVID-19 spread. People who refuse to cooperate will not be allowed to enter the theater.
・Please refrain from talking or making noise during the stage greeting event and the movie screening. People who erupt in cheers may be asked to leave, and the event may also be terminated in the worst case.
・Please refrain from purchasing tickets for reselling.
・Your name and emergency contact information left at the time of ticket purchase may be provided to the public health center and other public institutions if there are viewers who are suspected to be infected. Moreover, we may confirm your identity at the movie theater, so please bring your ID with you.
・The stage greeting event may be canceled or some participants may not appear depending on the situation with COVID-19 and the judgment of the organizer. In that case, we will not compensate for your transportation expenses and accommodation expenses. Moreover, please note that tickets cannot be changed or refunded unless the movie screening is canceled.
・It is prohibited to enter the movie theater during the stage greeting event.
・Since it is a special screening, complimentary tickets, advance tickets and movie cards cannot be used.
・You cannot choose seats.
・All seats are reserved. People without tickets cannot enter.
・Please refrain from using cameras (camera phone included) or video cameras to record, film or photograph the event at the theater. We may check your luggage on the event day.
・Please be advised that there will be media coverage of the event on the event day and our company may also record the event. The photos and video may be published on TV, magazines or the homepage. The video of the event may be included in DVD or other products to be sold in the future. If you attend the event, we regard that you have agreed with the usage of your personal information (portrait right) in the cases mentioned above.
・There may be limits on admission and restroom usage depending on the situation.
Please be sure to wear a mask in the movie theater.
・Please put your mask on again right after eating or drinking.
・Except for infants (children over 3 years old are recommended to wear masks), people without masks will not be admitted.
・Please contact staff in the theater if you do not feel well.

【Notes for the event day】
・During the screening, please seat so that seats around you are empty.
・Please wear a mask when you come to the movie theater. If not, you cannot enter the venue.
・It is prohibited to talk or make noise during the stage greeting event and the screening.
・In order to prevent viewers from talking without masks, it is prohibited to eat before the screening. Please keep your meal time as short as possible.
・If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, or have been to a country or region where the infection has still been spreading within the past two weeks, please do not come to watch the movie.
Please take your temperature using the special equipment during admission. If you have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, you will not be allowed to enter the venue.
・Please disinfect your hands when you enter and leave the venue.
・When lining up, please keep a proper social distance from other viewers in front of and behind you.
・If it is crowded, there will be a limit on the admission to the lobby.
・When you are eating or drinking in the lobby, please do not do it facing other people or talk with them at the same time.
・Please wear a mask when watching the movie (except when you drink or eat) and follow the cough manner to prevent the possible infection spread to people around you.
・When you leave the movie theater, please keep enough distance from people around you.
・If it is confirmed through the media that infected people came to watch the movie and you attended the same screening, please contact the nearest public health center.

【Official Homepage】
*Please visit the official homepage for more details.